Top Ten DISboards Discussion Threads for November 2021

Top Ten DISboards Discussion Threads for November 2021 top-ten-threads-feature-december21

We’re a week into December and that means it’s time to take a look at some of the top discussion threads over on for the month of November.

In case this is your first time stopping by, you should know that DISboards is an online discussion forum that is part of our family of websites here at the DIS. We know that people have tons of questions when it comes to visiting the Disney theme parks, especially now that so many aspects of visiting them are very different from the way they used to be.

Here are the top ten discussion threads from November of 2021 – listed first is the title of the thread, next is the forum in which you’ll find the thread, and last is the user handle of the person who started the thread:

10.) Walt Disney World is pausing new sales of some of its annual passes | Theme Parks Attractions & Strategies | @HopperFan

In the number ten spot is a thread where folks are discussing the surprising news of Walt Disney World suspending the sales of new Annual Passes. Sales are still paused and there has been no announcement as to when they will restart.

9.) Has anyone been to the parks recently and NOT used Genie+? | Theme Parks Attractions & Strategies | @tikilyn

Coming in at number nine is a thread looking for those with experiences in visiting the Walt Disney World theme parks without using the new Disney Genie+. Many folks seem to feel that guests who spend most of their park touring time on their phones are missing the entire point of being on vacation.

8.) Updated Disney Gift Card Deals and More | Budget Board | @FoxC63

If you’re looking for a good deal on Disney gift cards and more this holiday season, stop by this thread and peruse what everyone’s finding to get your shopping done.

7.) Is anyone considering postponing a trip? | Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies | @denman007

With the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 starting to spread, folks are looking for advice on whether or not they should postpone their Disney vacations.

6.) Not excited for this trip at all… | Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies | @acarsme123

With all that’s going on in the world, people’s excitement over upcoming Disney vacations might not be at the levels they’re used to. It can help to discuss the situations with other posters who might be feeling the same way and that’s just what is happening in this thread.

Top Ten DISboards Discussion Threads for November 2021 mayacastle

5.) Genie Plus, a must for busy days | Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies | @qman6975

In this thread, one poster shares her insights on using Genie+ during her busy vacation at Walt Disney World. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to fork over the cash to use it during a busy time of the year, this thread should help with your decision.

4.) Sold out! What are best options? | Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies | @DLYoung70

With Park Pass reservations still being a requirement to enter a Walt Disney World theme park, many folks are finding that there are no selections available on popular days. Take a look at this thread to hear some suggestions on what you can do if you’re planning a visit on a busy day.

3.) ROFR Thread Oct to Dec 2021 PLEASE SEE FIRST POST FOR INSTRUCTIONS & FORMATTING TOOL | Purchasing DVC | @pangyal

The number 3 thread offers a look into Disney Vacation Club resale and discusses DVC’s right of first refusal.

2.) Full Vaccination Required Ages 5+ Starting 1/13/22 | Disney Cruise Line Forum | @erionm

As soon as the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for children ages 5-11, Disney Cruise Line updated their policy making it a requirement to sail on their ships. Although this thread has been closed for additional discussion, it is a good read with a lot of information.

1.) The Genie Usage, Tips and Strategy ONLY Thread | Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies | @ DisneyKidds

And finally, the thread that took the number 1 spot for the month of November – The Genie Usage, Tips and Strategy ONLY Thread. Take a look at what readers have been talking about since the new service was launched at Walt Disney World.

There are many topics of discussion over on the boards and we encourage you to jump in and participate, especially if you have questions about planning your next Disney vacation! Head HERE to get started!

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