My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway)

My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway) 8D66E201-1A49-4211-B255-0C33BF35D63D

In spite of the fact that my house looks as though a Disney Christmas store exploded, I can’t resist picking up more Christmas merchandise when I’m in the parks.

On a recent visit to Epcot, I came across some items that I simply had to have. Keep in mind that this is after a tortured mental back and forth where one inner voice says, “You already have enough,” and another inner voice responds, “What is this enough of which you speak?”

I’m a complete sucker for coffee mugs and there are three cabinets in my kitchen that will attest to that. These “Good Tidings” mugs ($19.99) are perfect for the holidays and I love the wider/shallower design.  It fits more coffee, which makes me more wired, which makes me more hyper when I do the show, which never gets me into any trouble.

My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway) 1E3C5EF1-7B22-4146-A896-71B9713FDF7F 1E3C5EF1-7B22-4146-A896-71B9713FDF7F

My mother (aka Clutter Christmas Lady) is fond of saying that you can never have too many kitchen towels.  I feel this is doubly true of these adorable “Dashing through the snow” towels ($21.99).  Mickey and Minnie riding on a reindeer with Mickey’s face may be narcissistic to some, but I think it’s just adorable.

My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway) 0969DC2E-1863-4C14-855A-7FD2CFC7DB40 0969DC2E-1863-4C14-855A-7FD2CFC7DB40

Where the wheels really come off the wagon and any semblance of restraint goes the way of common sense is when The Nightmare Before Christmas is involved. The sight of the Santa Jack nutcracker evoked an audible gasp, followed by another audible gasp when I saw the price ($54.99). Like I said, restraint goes the way of common sense.

My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway) 7999E094-CD78-4543-BFD4-61D22EF46338 7999E094-CD78-4543-BFD4-61D22EF46338

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite as much as the sound of a decades old ornament hitting the ground and shattering into a million pieces.  This is a yearly ritual at the Werner house – one that requires a steady inflow of new ornaments that can anxiously await their turn at destruction. This Tiki Room themed ornament caught my eye (due in no small part to my recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland.  You haven’t experienced the Tiki Room until you’ve seen it in Japanese).  At $24.99 this ornament is grossly overpriced, but then again, so is everything else at Walt Disney World.

My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway) 87C57AAE-AB46-44D5-B8FA-63D56068285D 87C57AAE-AB46-44D5-B8FA-63D56068285D

How could you possibly pass this up?  The Fab 5 all decked out for Christmas in front of the castle?  Seriously, how could you pass this up?  Oh yeah, its $74.99, that’s how.

My Favorite Disney Christmas Merch (Today Anyway) 66EF542F-0747-4E2B-907D-D525298E651F 66EF542F-0747-4E2B-907D-D525298E651F

So, there are just a few of the items that caught my eye – by no means an exhaustive list of what’s avaialable, just a few of the pieces that convinced me to spend my money.  Of all the things I’m grateful for this holiday season (and there are many), my Annual Pass discount is definitely one of them!



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