Why the Peter Pan Merchandise at Disney Springs is Pure Magic

Whenever I visit Disney Springs, one of the first shops I hit is the Marketplace Co-op. I just love all the little shops in there because of the unique merchandise they carry. The merchandise changes every so often too, making it a new experience each time I stop in. On my most recent trip, the minute I stepped into Disney Centerpiece, I found a swoon-worthy line of fun things for my kitchen! And, those pillows above are perfectly magical for my living room! See, I am absolutely in love with all things Peter Pan - flying over London, Wendy's bedroom window, Tinker Bell, and of course, Pixie Dust!! A little background - growing up, I had an attic bedroom. You know, the kind where the walls went up maybe four feet and then they went to an angle until they met at the flat ceiling. It was a really cool shaped room to have and my parents always did great things with wallpaper and paint to make it look adorable. Anyways, I had a window at the end of my room and I would often sit there looking out wishing that one day, maybe Peter Pan would stop by and take me off to Never Land with a little bit of Pixie Dust. Yes, I'm a dreamer - always have been! Okay, back to the fun Peter Pan merchandise! Just take a look at some of this cute stuff! IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0474 IMG_0476 So, "just think of a wonderful thought" the next time you're visiting Disney Springs and bring a little bit of Pixie Dust home with you! While I really love the little set of three bowls, I can hardly pick a favorite because I love every single thing. Let us know in the comments which piece is your favorite!

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