The DIS Unplugged - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DIS Unplugged podcast?

Our show is unbiased, and presents honest opinions of every aspect of a Disney experience - from dining and theme parks to attractions and hotels. Our team of Orlando experts includes Pete Werner, Julie Martin, Corey Martin, Kevin Klose, John Magi, and the Peanut Gallery.

What is a podcast? A podcast is an audio file, similar to a radio show, that can be downloaded to an Apple iPod, portable media players, or personal computers.

How Do I Listen?

There are lots of ways to listen to the DIS Unplugged. Here's a guide on how to tune in to the show.

Click & Play On Your Computer

You can listen to the DIS Unplugged whenever you want by visiting our podcast home page at and clicking the Listen Now button on the left. The most recent episode will automatically start playing in the player. If you prefer to listen to the show in your own media player, the MP3 files can be found here. With many computers, if you click on the MP3 link, you'll automatically have that particular episode begin to play in your media player For episodes not listed on the home page? See the Archives.

Subscribe Via Podcast Feed

There are several ways to automatically get the show sent to you via our podcast feed -- so many that we can't list them all here! Whether it be via iTunes, Google, Yahoo or some other service, you'll be asked to enter our feed. This is the address for The DIS Unplugged podcast:

Enter that into whatever asks you for the podcast feed, and you're set. Once subscribed, you will automatically receive all new episodes of our podcast as they are released. Click on any of the links or icons below to see our feed in some specific services:

Why am I having trouble viewing video on the site?

Our streaming video is currently served through Windows Media player and requires a windows based PC to view.  We are currently working on alternate streams to support other platforms.  In the mean time, you can view select video clips via iTunes by subscribing to our video podcast.

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