My 5 Reasons for Taking a Disney Cruise Line Alaskan Cruise in My 20s

Telling friends and family we were going to be taking an Alaskan Disney Cruise was an odd experience. We were either met by, “A Disney Cruise? You don’t have any kids, why would you do that?” or, “Alaska? Why not somewhere warm where you can lay on the beach, get tan and drink fruity drinks? Save Alaska for when you’re older.”

Here are some reasons why you should consider a Disney Cruise Line Alaskan vacation as a young adult.

1.) Hiking


Alaska’s motto is “the last frontier,” which means to me that there are so many great places to explore. A recurring theme on our cruise was disembark, hike, explore the town, grab a beer, then head back to the ship. Anywhere you go, you are sure to find a place to hike. If all else fails, ask the locals! They are happy to tell you a place to hike that will fit your hiking abilities. If you’re into hiking, Alaska is the place to be.

2.) Breweries


Now I understand that beer is not everyone’s preferred drink of choice, but for two young adults who enjoy brews, Alaska has many great places to get a pint. From the Alaskan Brewery in Juneau to Skagway Brew Co, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

3.) Adventure Is Out There!



In Juneau it is very easy to rent a car or take a bus to head up to Mendenhall Glacier, which I highly recommend. It was stunning, and the hike we did was very easy. My family chose to rent a car and see more than just Mendenhall. We had heard of an old church that was built in the 1900s — the Shrine of St Therese was stunning. This place is very peaceful and quiet, the view is outstanding, and it is something very few people experience. I highly recommend going off the beaten path; many people will go to the tourist areas, but I think you get the most out of your vacation by not doing just the “norm.”

4.) Activities on the Cruise


Telling friends you are going on a Disney Cruise always elicits some sort of “Why?” response. People think they only have activities for children, and adults will be stuck listening to kids run around and scream all day.

Totally untrue. Disney’s ability to create activities for every age group continues to amaze me. Disney has an amazing group called the 1820’s Club specifically for that awkward age between graduating high school and not being old enough to drink. They do everything from making coffee in the Cove, to watching movies, to going to the adult clubs at night. This worked perfectly for my younger sister, who had just graduated from high school.

For me the highlight of the activities was the “Anyone Can Cook” seminar. It was so much fun getting to watch the chef make the entrée, then serving a small sample of said entrée with a complementary wine pairing. There are so many adult activities that it is easy to forget there are children on the cruise ship with you.

5.) Disney Does It Best


From dining, to activities, to atmosphere, Disney does everything with such grace and composure that it’s hard to go on any other cruise line. The staff is always so friendly, we got to know our wait staff very well and still talk about them to this day. The children’s activities are so well done and keep children entertained that you rarely see kids running around the ship. The adult-only areas are quiet and relaxing with just a hint of Disney. I wouldn’t have done my Alaskan adventure with anyone other than Disney.


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