5 Reasons Kids Will Like Paradise Pier


For families with children, hotel choice can be a factor in the success or failure of a trip. It’s the one place where everyone is stuck together in close quarters, so it should be a location that is enjoyed by all. Kids play a major role in creating the aura of the vacation experience. Their happiness in accommodation is of high importance. We’ll pointed out a few things that little ones enjoy at Paradise Pier Hotel.


California is known for sunshine, good times, and its beaches. Paradise Pier captures this theme in a whimsical way that appeals to kids. Bright colors and playful patterns don every part of the building from the rolling wave cut-out that trims the exterior roof to the beach umbrella artwork found in each room. The lobby and hallways are even purposefully scented with a suntan lotion aroma. It’s a casual environment with the unspoken message that fun and laughter are welcome here, and kids dig places like that.



Disney characters and pancakes…if that doesn’t appeal to kids, then nothing will. At Paradise Pier, guests have the opportunity to dine in Disney’s PCH Grill with classic favorites like Daisy, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. Meeting the characters is usually a priority when it comes to a Disney vacation, and this is a way to do it with the comfort of a seat, air-conditioning, and food.  With the restaurant being just a few floors away from your hotel room, it’s likely that the family will make it there without any hassle and with good attitudes intact. It’s all the right ingredients for a kid’s happy meal.



Picture a huge, charming sandcastle as an entertainment center. Rows of Adirondack chairs are facing a large screen that plays Disney films and cartoons throughout the day. This relaxing scene is enclosed in its own separate room called Paradise Theater. It features the beach style of relaxation and merges it with the comfort of indoor entertainment. After exhausting days trekking the parks, it is a perfect environment for kids to settle down and cool off from the heat of the California sun.



Practically every hotel in existence has a pool, and kids love them “as is.” But when there is some type of novelty added to the area, it adds an extra element of fun for them. The Paradise Pier pool is a fairly straightforward one with some minor theming and a couple slides. The not-so-common feature is that it is located on a roof. This unusual situation allows for great views of the surrounding areas, but aside from that it is just plain fun to know that your above-ground pool is—in fact– many stories above the ground. A kid can score big bragging rights from that.



Kids love rooms that take them out of the everyday. Paradise Pier does not disappoint here. The minute you set foot in your room, there is an energetic vibe that incites a sense of play. The walls and carpet reference the color of sandcastles. The bedding and drapes display the bright colors of beach apparel and gear. The mirrors are framed in the shape of a sun, and decorative pillows imitate beach balls. These are among a few of the touches that make kids feel like they are free to be kids. And I think we can all agree that when a hotel touches on that, they will find an enthusiastic fan base with “children” of all ages.


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