5 Reasons We Love Disney

5) It is an escape from reality

We live in a stressful world. There are stresses that we deal with every day like work, paying the bills, politics, and so much more. Disney is an escape from all of this. Popping in a Disney movie at the end of a long day can help calm us down after our daily frustrations. As silly as it sounds, when I lived in Pennsylvania I would constantly be planning fake Disney vacations just to get my mind off of the real world. This feeling of escapism is even more true when you’re on vacation. In the Disney parks you don’t have to think about the real world. The Disney parks are a place where you can leave your worries behind and just have some fun.


4) It is growing up with us

While we will always love Snow White, Dumbo, and even the new animated films, Disney has started acquiring intellectual properties like Marvel and Star Wars that allow our fandom to grow up with us. My love for Disney has been consistently in my life because as I’ve gotten older, the entertainment Disney has created has continuously grown up with me. Adults, even those who didn’t consider themselves Disney fans, are now fans of the types of movies and TV shows Disney is producing.


3) It makes us happy

This is extremely simplistic, but it is true. I love Disney because it makes me happy. Every time I watch a Disney movie or enter a Disney park, I get in a better mood. They call Disneyland the Happiest Place On Earth for a reason. When you ask most adults what they want out of life, their answer is usually that they just want to be happy, and Disney gives us that. 


2) It brings us back to our childhood

I was raised on VHS Disney movies, and a Disney vacation every 4 years or so. When I watch a classic Disney movie, or enter into the parks, it reminds me of memories from my childhood. Certain scenes from movies and places in the park bring me back to a different time. Being able to reminisce about my Disney-filled childhood brings me joy.


1) We can share it with our families/friends

This is my absolute favorite part about Disney. When I think of Disney, I oftentimes don’t think of Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, or the Magic Kingdom; instead, I think about Disney-related memories I’ve shared with my fiancée, my brothers, my parents, and my friends. I believe this is probably true for a lot of Disney nerds. It is why we have such a close bond with Disney; because it reminds us of the people we love. That connection is extremely strong, and it is what makes watching a Disney movie, or visiting a Disney park, such a special experience.