Are the Disney Parks Really the Happiest Place on Earth?

If you asked a room of people whether or not a Disney vacation would make them happier, an overwhelming number of people would respond with something along the lines of, “Yes! Of course!” Yet, if you stand in the middle of the Magic Kingdom, or any of the Disney theme parks around the world you’ll notice one thing. A lot of families are arguing, crying, just not smiling. Yes, there are many happy families as well, and you might be one of them, but it seems more and more that most guests are grumpy. Disneyland, and really all of the Disney parks, should be “the happiest place on earth!” So what happened?



Part of the problem is that Disney sets the expectations too high. In Disney park commercials it seems as if every family gets to skip down Main Street U.S.A. hand-in-hand with Mickey Mouse. Of course this is not the case. So, I can understand to some degree that there is frustration with what the reality of a Disney vacation is, but even still, people need to cheer up.

Additionally, a lot of guests assume that they will have perfect weather on their vacation. Well, more often than not in Florida it will be incredibly hot and humid. If you don’t prepare yourself for this you are going to have a long vacation. While southern California does have less humidity, there are days in the summer where it can easily be over 95 degrees in the park. So set your expectations to a reasonable level; the Disney parks are magical places, but they can’t control the weather.



Disney vacations are expensive. Plain and simple. But, when you go around complaining about every single thing believing that the Disney parks aren’t worth the money, then you certainly won’t have a good time. Also, this goes along with expectations, but spending a lot of money at Disney doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have a 5-star experience. Disney is expensive for everyone no matter where you stay, where you eat, and what you buy. With tickets and food, even a value resort will rack up a big bill at the end of a week’s vacation. If you aren’t prepared for that, then maybe hold off for now on a Disney vacation.

Also, it is important to set a budget. If you have set a semi-flexible budget before the vacation, it will make it a lot easier for you to determine whether or not a certain experience is in your budget. If you fail to set a budget, you’re going to feel extremely grumpy that you either spent too much, or on the opposite end, that you didn’t experience enough!


Lack of Planning

This I think the is the number one reason families fight in a Disney park. Planning can be stressful, but if you choose to not plan then you are just procrastinating dealing with that stress until your vacation. With a plan you can make sure that everyone in the family will get to do what they want to do. With a plan you don’t have argue over which attraction to ride next or which restaurant you want to go to for lunch. Everything is pre-planned, and then when you’re there, it is just your family’s time to enjoy everything.

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