Disney CEO Bob Iger Says Trade War With China Would Be Damaging

In an interview with CNBC’s Fast Money, CEO Bob Iger said that a trade war between the United States and China would be damaging to Disney’s business. The Disney Company has strong ties to China, and Iger is concerned that an all-out trade war would affect the Disney Company negatively “from a movie perspective, from a parks perspective, [and from a] consumer products perspective.” Disney opened Shanghai Disneyland last year in which Iger called, “one of [Disney’s] biggest success stories in 2016.” Bob Iger clarified this statement by saying that “it’s not to suggest that there shouldn’t be things on the table to improve the trade relationship with China.”

Bob Iger believes a trade war would be something the United States should be “very careful about.” This concern by Iger was prompted by President Donald Trump’s campaign statements about potentially putting high tariffs on Chinese imports. President Donald Trump set up a business council that features business executives from a multitude of industries, and Iger is one of the members of President Trump’s council.

Credit: CNBC.com