What to Wear in Disneyland (Not Made by Mice or a Fairy Godmother)

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS all disney running shoes

Well, you’ve booked your flight, made hotel reservations, bragged to anyone who will listen that you will be in Disneyland in 37 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes and 42 seconds (41, 40, 39…..), booked priority seating at your favorite restaurants, and robbed a bank to pay for the Parkhoppers. Now for more important matters – what to wear?!

The first thing you want to remember is that the climate in Southern California is practically perfect in every way. I have nothing to complain about (I live in Michigan – we get news alerts on the daily to keep animals and the elderly indoors due to extreme temperatures). However, some shifts in climate occur at Disneyland throughout the day. The solution is to layer, layer, layer! I’ll get to my favorite layering items in a moment.

The next important thing to remember is that touring the parks is much like running a marathon, hiking the Alps, or climbing Mt. Everest. Twice. This is why I suggest going for the “sporty” look in fashion forward athletic apparel. It’s a huge trend right now, yet remains classic. Are you working out? Are you going clubbing? Are you going to the office? Who knows, but boy do you look stylish!  The sporty look is also stretchy which provides ample comfort and ease of movement. Activewear is also seamless and tagless.  Who needs an itchy neck while protecting the universe from the evil emperor Zurg?

If vanity is your thing (it’s mine, I’ll admit it, it’s in my blood and the reason I earn a paycheck) don’t forget about the myriad of photo opportunities in the park. Perhaps you’ll take your family Christmas card photo in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle or Corn Dog Castle (I don’t know what you’re into). Whatever the case may be, photos live forever, so don’t get caught looking DISheveled. This is why wrinkle-free clothing is important.

Let’s start top to bottom (in a later article I will explore the adventures of hair and make-up). This is when the layering happens!  Start with a comfortable fitted teeshirt or tank top made from a cotton blend or even better, 100% synthetic material.  Your top may not even make an appearance if it’s particularly chilly that day.  I’m not a fan of 100% cotton because it wrinkles, stretches out and if it gets wet, will retain moisture throughout the day. Who wants to be weighed down at the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition after a light rain or getting splashed in your laughing place? My favorites include tops that have the “wicking” characteristic. Wickable material draws moisture away from the skin and accelerates evaporation. How does it know how to do this?  Don’t question it, let it go.  It’s typically lightweight, breathable, durable and easy to care for. A fitted style is less bulky under layers. Here are a few examples….

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS wicking shirt wicking shirt

These tops are from the Nike Hunted Running Collection for $35. They kind of remind me of the Jungle Cruise! Because of the tiger. Get it?

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS lulu shirt lulu shirt

This vision in pink is brought to you by Lululemon.com for $58.  It’s called the Run Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew. If you prefer not to compete with Sleeping Beauty Castle, it also comes in green and black and white striped.

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS old navy top old navy top

If you’d like to wear a tank (if you sweat like me, sorry TMI), the Old Navy Active Ruched Tank is a great choice for only $16.94.  There are so many amazing things about this top.  It’s ruched (pin-tucked on the sides), so you can enjoy as many churros as you can fit in your belly. This top will expand with you.  It also comes in many different colors, it wicks (of course) and you can’t beat the price.

Jackets are another story. You will wear them frequently (inside and “gasp” outside the parks). Your jacket of choice could be featured in several photos depending on the time of day and take the wear and tear of the weather. Don’t skimp on outerwear!  My numero uno favorito is this little lady from Lululemon.  Behold, the Dance Studio Jacket III!

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS lulu jacket lulu jacket

Priced at $128, I promise you’ll experience the value in this piece.  It’s REVERSIBLE!  It’s literally two jackets in one (this is what I tell myself when I get the bill).  It also comes in several colors (inside and out). It’s easy to put on and take off and looks fashionable tied around your waist. The Dance Studio Jacket III is lightweight, keeps the wind off your shoulders and may protect you from hippos who wiggle their ears.

For a lighter fair, this fuchsia gem from Old Navy will keep you bright and shiny from rope drop to last call for only $17.99. Get it a size or two bigger for the optimum snuggle-feel. It also comes in light sea foam green, white and grey. Cuddle up with the Active Burnout Hooded Tunic.

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS old navy pink sweatshirt old navy pink sweatshirt


When it comes to pants, let’s be honest, comfort is key! Who wants enchanted chaffing in those never never regions? Let’s start with my favorite style from Lululemon.  The Studio Pant II. They are comfortable, lightweight and come in a variety of subtle colors (black, gray, olive green, navy blue – you really want your top to be the focal point of your outfit, so save the crazy colors for above the belt).

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS studio pant studio pant They can be cinched at the bottom to create an old school sweatpants look.

The perfect pant to wear with your Old Navy Active Burnout Hooded Tunic are the Old Navy Active Cinch Tie Yoga Capris.

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS old navy yoga capris old navy yoga capris The higher waist provides support, and those cute little ties at the bottom just look, well, cute! Like most of the Old Navy Active products, they are priced reasonably at $19.94 and come in one other color,  Spruce Lee. I like the name, but the color looks a little meh.

If you’d like to opt for a day to dinner pant, Eddie Bauer has an incredibly versatile item called Horizon Roll-up Pants.  They come in navy blue, black, grey and khaki.  Are they long pants? Are they capri pants?  They are both!  And have a delightful little pocket perfect for FastPasses! The price is $56.25.

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS eddie bauer pants eddie bauer pants

As far as footwear is concerned, I think we can all agree that the tennis shoe (or sneaker if you’re from the east coast) is the perfect finish to your Disney outfit.  Although these shoes were only available at 2014 Run Disney events, I was lucky enough to score this pair from ebay!

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS minnie shoe minnie shoe

Along with this Minnie themed shoe, New Balance also offers shoes styled to honor Mickey, Cinderella and Goofy.

What to Wear in Disneyland The DIS all disney running shoes all disney running shoes

Rumor has it, sales may extend into 2015 Run Disney events. Disney is full of surprises head-to-toe!

Through all your Disneyland adventures (wet, dry, hot, warm, cold, day or evening), the most important thing to remember is – if it feels good, it looks good!

Have a magical (and fashionable) day!


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