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Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special

Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special The DIS WDWINFO-Festival-Of-Fantasy-016-1

When I first shared that my husband and I were taking a babymoon to Disney World, most people said, “Why waste your money?” But after the experience my husband and I had, I can truly say that Disney really is a wonderful place to celebrate. They have a knack for making your special celebrations even more special. Here are 10 tips I can offer to make your Disney babymoon a memorable experience.

1. Mention your babymoon when booking.

For our babymoon, I was sure to share with the cast member at booking that we would be celebrating our babymoon. When we arrived at our resort, not only had my attempt for a request of a room close to the lobby been honored, but we were also given two special celebration buttons. One was a “We’re Celebrating” button with the words “Babymoon” written on it and the other was a special “First Visit” button with our baby’s name written below. Throughout our visit people saw the buttons and wished us congratulations. On our last night, we were surprised with a special treat from the front desk wishing us “Congrats” on our little one. Your experience may be different, but it definitely gives Disney the opportunity to make your visit extra special if you let them know you will be celebrating ahead of time.

2. Plan a slower paced vacation.

It’s important when planning your babymoon to realize you might not be able to tour the parks as aggressively as when not expecting. Instead of visiting all the parks or a park every day, you may plan to take some down days at your resort. Be flexible and willing to change your schedule depending on how you feel.This may mean visiting fewer attractions or planning more breaks. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch those shows you have never seen or take moments to sit and watch parades and street shows. I am not usually a parade person, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed the Festival of Fantasy parade and the castle show.

Another good thing to keep in mind, is when you travel. I traveled in the fall in my second trimester. Not only was the weather pleasant, but I was feeling the best I would during my pregnancy.

It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with what rides are okay for expectant mothers ahead of time so you can make FastPass+ selections and know which rides to avoid. You can call Disney at (407) 939-5277 for a list of rides to avoid or check out a list on the DIS here. Magic Kingdom in particular has many options for rides and experiences you can enjoy while pregnant.

Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special The DIS WDWINFO-Festival-Of-Fantasy-016-1 WDWINFO-Festival-Of-Fantasy-016-1

3. Stay hydrated and bring snacks.

Pregnancy can be trying and at times even exhausting. One way to keep up your energy and spirits up is to make sure you drink plenty of water and bring along snacks to refuel throughout the day. You can bring these along from home or even order them from a delivery service such as Garden Grocer. Disney is very good about providing fresh options so take advantage of fresh fruit and veggie options in the park to keep your energy up. I suggest bringing along your own water bottles as it will encourage regular hydration, but you can ask at any counter service for cups with ice water for free.

4. Pamper yourself.

Although you may find yourself busy at points in the park, do not forget to take time to pamper yourself on your babymoon. You could try visiting one of the Disney Senses Spas on property at Grand Floridian or Saratoga Springs. Other spas nearby include the Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel, the Waldorf Astoria Spa or The Spa at the new Four Seasons nearby. If cost is a concern, you can opt for a small treatment such as a manicure which still allows you to enjoy the spa amenities before and after your service. If visiting a spa is not in your budget, you can still pamper yourself by taking along some spa essentials and enjoying a nice bubble bath and soak in your resort room. It is definitely worth it after a long day in the park.

5. Take a swim!

Swimming is a great way to stay active and relax when you are pregnant as it takes some of the extra pressure off of your joints. All Disney resorts have great pools that are heated year round so you can enjoy the pools whenever you go. If you find the main pool is busy, take advantage of the often more peaceful and calm quiet pools at your resort.

Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special The DIS Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-Recreation-031 Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-Recreation-031

6. Take regular breaks.

Disney can be a busy place, but there are many places where you can enjoy a bit of quiet and relaxation. On my babymoon, I took advantage of quiet shows and slow paced rides where I got to get off of my feet but also enjoy a show while at it. Some ideas for a quiet break are Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom or the American Adventure show at Epcot. I especially enjoyed the Finding Nemo show at Animal Kingdom and–a first for me–taking a leisurely ride on the Liberty Belle at Magic Kingdom.

Another idea is to take advantage of the parks’ proximity to resorts, and visit them when needing breaks. Before our afternoon in Magic Kingdom, we visited the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian to enjoy the atmosphere and take pictures. While at the Polynesian we enjoyed a yummy Dole Whip Float and relaxed near the beach.

Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special The DIS The Grand Floridian The Grand Floridian

7. Meet and Greets with your baby bump.

Pregnancy is a special and unique time, even more so to be visiting Disney World while you are pregnant. Some of the cutest meet and greet pictures I have seen have been of expectant mothers meeting and greeting with Disney characters. My favorite was our meet and greet with Pooh and Friends. One way to add some fun to the meet and greet experience is by bringing along a stuffed lovey for the baby, an ultrasound picture, or a special message to baby written on paper to incorporate into your Meet and Greet photos. Be sure to get Memory Maker, Disney’s photo package, or bring along your camera so the cast members can take pictures for you! I am already looking forward to sharing our photos with our baby boy and telling him the story of his very first visit to the World!

Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special The DIS Baby bump picture with Pooh Bear and Friends Baby bump picture with Pooh Bear and Friends

8. Take lots of pictures!

Beyond your meet and greet photos, be sure to take plenty of pictures throughout your day. Even though you may not feel or look your best, you will want to remember the experience in the future. If you will be in the parks for a few days, you may want to get Disney’s Memory Maker package and let Disney’s photographers take care of pictures for you. If you were thinking of getting professional maternity photos, you may even want to consider using Disney’s special occasion photographers, Disney Creative Media or finding a local photographer and setting up a session to have them taken during your babymoon. Disney property has many beautiful photo spots at which to commemorate your little one to come!

9. Start nesting early, and buy a special gift for baby!

By the time we took our babymoon, I had already caught the nesting bug. I could not help but look around and imagine all the ways our baby would enjoy the parks in the future and imagine our baby wearing all the cute children’s outfits in the shops. One way you can make your babymoon special and get ready for your baby is to purchase something special for your future little one. Some of my favorite choices are baby Mickey ears or the Disney baby stuffed characters found throughout Disney parks. My absolute favorite is baby Dumbo!

10. Take some time for romantic experiences before baby comes along.

Finally, it can be easy to get busy and caught up in all the rush of Disney and the baby coming, but do not forget to take some time just for you and your partner to enjoy each other. One way is to plan a romantic dinner or meal, such as dining at the Contemporary at California Grill, Monsieur Paul, Coral Reef, or–one of my favorites for its atmosphere–San Angel Inn in Epcot. On my babymoon, since DH and I were on a budget, we opted out of a sit-down dinner and instead decided to enjoy a quiet brunch at Boma. By scheduling our meal for the last seating, we had most of the restaurant to ourselves and could take our time.

Really wanting a special experience? Other romantic ideas include taking a fireworks or Illuminations cruise, watching Magic Kingdom fireworks on the Polynesian or Grand Floridian’s beach after dinner or setting up a private dining experience at Grand Floridian. To set up a fireworks or Illuminations cruise you can call Disney at (407) WDW-PLAY. For private dining at the Grand Floridian call (407) 824-2474.

Taking a Disney Babymoon: 10 Ways to Make it Extra Special The DIS California Grill California Grill

Hopefully these ideas will help you plan your Disney babymoon. Share your tips, ideas, and questions below.


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