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Pregnancy and Attractions

A lot of women may think that they won't be able to enjoy their Disney vacation while pregnant. That couldn't be further from the truth! It may be a different vacation than you're used to, but it can still be just as fun. 

There are different attractions at Disney that pregnant women shouldn't ride, but why not take this time to enjoy the little details that you normally rush right by? Spend time browsing the shops, check out the window displays on Main Street, U.S.A. or enjoy a snack (and time off your feet!) while people watching. One of the great things about Disney is that every attraction, store, and land tell a story. On a "normal" vacation, you may miss all the details of the storyline, but with a little extra time, you'll be able to soak it all in and maybe learn a little Disney history.

Don't worry about having to spend a lot of time sitting outside the rides by yourself; you are welcome to walk through the queues with the rest of your party. When it is time to board the ride, just tell the cast member that you aren't riding and they will show you to the exit.

Here's the list of attractions that pregnant women shouldn't ride:

Magic Kingdom:


Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Animal Kingdom:

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