A Review of the Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge in Epcot

As a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member who lives out of state, I am always eager to take advantage of any DVC “perks” that I can experience during my trips.  However, it often seems that events take place during times my family is not visiting, like holiday “Merry Mixers” or special hours at the parks.  So, when I heard about the new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge in Epcot I decided to try and check it out on our next visit.

Location: Located on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion, the lounge is in a part of Epcot that I don’t frequently visit and I wasn’t even looking for it when I found it.  My family had just ridden Journey into Imagination for the very first time (even though I’ve been to Epcot many many times before) and while exiting through the gift shop, I saw the sign for the DVC Member Lounge.  Coincidentally, this location is also close to the new Disney Visa Photo Spot at Epcot, so perhaps they are trying to consolidate these “perks” for special guest types into one area.

The member lounge is a bit “off the beaten path” unless you are a regular visitor to Journey Into Imagination.

Check-in/Check-out: In order to access the lounge, I needed to show my DVC member card and sign in with a cast member.  I was also told I would be asked to sign out with a cast member on my way out once I was finished in the lounge.  The cast member let me know that there were no restrooms in the lounge, which I was pretty disappointed to hear.  Entry is via a staircase, through there is an elevator as well.  Strollers are not allowed, which was not an issue for us, but might have been if we had younger kids.

The View:  It was very cool to be on the 2nd Floor of the Imagination Pavilion, and to see the view of Epcot and Spaceship Earth from the glass windows.  Just having that view was worth the trek up the stairs.

Image courtesy of Disney Vacation Club

Refreshments: The free Coke Freestyle machines had a full selection of Coke products to choose from, including my husband’s favorite:  Mr. Pibb!  My six-year-old was also able to have a lemonade, which just about made her day. One thing to note is that you will need to use the small cups that they provide, but you can refill them all you want!  Water was available through the machines as well, and there was a Keurig for coffee and tea too.

I didn’t see any food options, but I have heard that sometimes cast members will pass out small snacks like potato chips.

Seating/Entertainment: We visited on a day that wasn’t too crowded (or too hot) and there seemed to be plenty of seating.  A TV was playing Mickey Mouse cartoons in the corner and there were two video game stations with Disney Infinity to play.  My kids were really excited to play the video games and just take a bit of a break from a busy day.

Two video game stations. Note – you can see the cups for the Coke Freestyle machines on the floor.  I would describe the cups as “child-sized”

Other: There were charging stations available, which was nice to see, but we did not need to use them.  Similarly, computers were available, and cast members at the desk could help make reservations or answer questions, but we did not take advantage of that either.

My Overall Opinion: I think this lounge is a nice little perk, nothing too special, and I was disappointed in the lack of bathrooms.  But, on a hot day I think it can be a great place to recharge (literally and figuratively) in the air conditioning with all the Mr. Pibb and lemonade you can drink!

What do you think?  Have you checked out the DVC Member Lounge?  Are there any other  DVC “perks” that you think are really interesting?

Credit for top photo: Disney Vacation Club