‘Disney Yourself’ Might Just Be the New Online Version of Colorforms!

Growing up, I was a huge fan of paper dolls. You know, the ones with the little tabs all around the outfits? I could be occupied for hours and hours with them. Then I graduated to Colorforms and even the magnetic books that were oh-so-cool. I managed to track down a couple of them for my kids to play with while they were growing up too and that made me happy. They didn't love them as I did, but they provided them with a bit of fun and something different.

Once I got a little older, Fashion Plates were a big thing. I can't remember all the details about the ones I had, but they were super cool. Basically, they were tracing plates where you could pick tops, bottoms, and hairstyles and trace over them with colored pencils to create your own fashion designs. Then there was this whole thing with my friends about who had the coolest set of colored pencils which kind of cracks me up because not too many kids these days care about colored pencils which brings me to the whole topic of my column today.

The Disney website has a "game" called Disney Yourself and it's actually adorable. I'm not quite certain how long it's been around, but I'd never seen it until now. Much like Bitmojis and the new Facebook Avatar stickers, the Disney Yourself app/tool/game allows you to customize a "Disneyfied" likeness complete with Mouse Ears, costumes of some of your favorite Disney characters, and a variety of backgrounds.

You also have eye and hair color choices and styles along with many facial feature options as well, because sometimes you want your hair down and blowing in the breeze but other times you might want a messy bun tied up with a fancy bow.

Of course, I had to play around with it as there are so many fun combinations! If you're looking for a fun way to entertain your kids or yourself for that matter, this is a fun way to make that happen.

Head HERE to Disney Yourself and we'd sure love it if you share your creations with us over on our Facebook page!