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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3’ Is on Disney+: Baby Rocket Obsession Reactivated

GOTG Vol.3 on Disney+: Baby Rocket Obsession Reactivated GOTG Vol 3 Disney+

When I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, I was one of the many who had a strong reaction to Rocket’s younger self. Baby Rocket, as we all named him, instantly became my favorite character and led me through a journey of smiles, tears, and laughs. I desperately looked for a plush toy of him; alas, there were none available at the time. It took me many months to get that image, you know, the sad part (no spoilers, IYKYK) out of my head. However, last week, when GOTGv3 popped up on my Disney+ add-to-watch list, all of those feelings came flooding back.

The movie was great, keeping that out-of-this-world storyline in check with just enough comic relief to help you suspend your disbelief for the outrageous plot, though, as with many great movies, I had been waiting to see it a second time to pick up all the creative subtleties. Sure enough, there were many more Easter eggs to uncover in the movie itself though what I got primarily was a reactivation of my Baby Rocket obsession. So for all of my Rocket-loving friends out there who plan to rewatch this over the weekend, I am just going to leave this guy here for you:

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GOTG Vol.3 on Disney+: Baby Rocket Obsession Reactivated Rocket-Front-Large

Look at his little face! Isn’t it just the cutest? And here I was, thinking that the Baby Groot phase of my GotG obsession would be the highlight. Something tells me that Baby Nebula wouldn’t have the same effect on me, though I do enjoy her snarkiness.

Would you love to see more of Rocket around the Disney Parks? He is such an underrated character, and now that we have his origin story intact, I feel like it’s time to introduce him as a permanent fixture in Disneyland’s California Adventure or EPCOT, near Cosmic Rewind. Be sure to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 out now on Disney+!

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