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What’s the Best Queue to Wait in at Walt Disney World?

What's the Best Queue to Wait in at Walt Disney World? toy-story-mania-new-entrance Best Walt Disney World Queues

Yesterday we ventured into the wild world of opinions on what attraction has the worst queue to wait in at Walt Disney World. Today, we are flipping the script on this question and looking for your opinions on the BEST queue to wait in. Now obviously, no line is the best line, however since we usually do have to wait, there are some clear standouts among the attractions at Disney theme parks.

A good waiting experience can make your Disney day so much more enjoyable, especially if you are traveling with children. Some of the newer attractions have been designed with this in mind, incorporating almost as much work and detail into the waiting area as the ride itself. Some interactive, others filled with creativity that sets the scene for the attraction’s theme ahead; different styles appeal to different people and I want to hear your thoughts on which attraction has the overall best line to wait in.

I’ll throw my two cents in first. I love the Toy Story Mania! queue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As an adult, it can be hard to find that connection with some of the rides with a younger focus; you enjoy them, but don’t feel the same immersion as with others. The waiting area for Toy Story Mania! really surrounds you in the toy world of these characters, giving you a sense of their environment before you even step onto the ride, which I think makes this an even more enjoyable experience when on board. I do also love the Expedition Everest queue for completely different reasons.

What’s the Best Queue to Wait in at Walt Disney World?

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