Blueprints for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Show More Details

The Orange County Register has taken a look at the blueprints filed with the city of Anaheim for the Disneyland Park version of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and has revealed some of the details. The Register says that the land, which we now know will be called Batuu, will have a hub at its center, featuring a marketplace. The Resistance (or Rebels) will occupy the west side of the land and the First Order the east. So, guests accessing the area from Fantasyland will encounter a First Order performance stage as they enter, while guests coming from Frontierland or Critter Country will enter a forest environment and encounter a Jedi ship. The ride featuring the Millennium Falcon is on the north side of the land, with a 100-foot-across Millennium Falcon parked out front. The blueprints show that the attraction has a pre-show room that leads into four turntable rooms. We already know that guests will be able to pilot the Falcon in groups of six and that their performance could affect their interactions in Batuu. The Cantina will be located nearby and will include a U-shaped bar, plus booths and tables. At the D23 Expo, Disney announced that Rex from the classic version of Star Tours would serve as DJ. Blueprint02 The Star Destroyer attraction on the east side takes up almost 25% of the land. The blueprints show that guests will board 8-person ride vehicles and weave through a total of 18 scenes featuring projections and huge props, such as full size AT ATs, plus an encounter with Kylo Ren. Batuu will also feature a row of shops, including one labeled "Saber." The blueprints show that the shop will be 150-feet wide, and while it's a single story building, the exterior rises to six stories tall. In addition to Rex, other droids will call Batuu home as well, so the plans call for droid charging stations throughout the land. If you're hungry while exploring Galaxy's Edge, there will be a large sit-down restaurant in the center of the land that, according to the blueprints, is larger than Blue Bayou.  Outside of the restaurant you find a "land speeder garage," with several props. The blueprints, while providing many details from trees to manhole covers, could be modified at any time. A Disneyland spokesperson would not comment or provide any more details. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will open in 2019, first in Disneyland Park, then at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Source/Image: Orange County Register