Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs Adds Six New Burgers and Sandwiches to Their Menu

Cookes of Dublin, the most popular place to get fish & chips at Disney Springs, has added six new burgers and sandwiches to their menu.

The Beast

       – Hand-battered sirloin burger, with garlic mayonnaise, Ballymoe Gourmet Ketchup, and mixed greens – $12.45

The Beauty

       – Grilled Sirloin Burger with Ballymaloe Gourmet Ketchup, Dubliner cheese, garlic mayonnaise, and mixed greens. – $12.45

The Brave

       – Buffalo-tossed fried chicken and Cashel Blue Irish cheese – $12.95

The Enchanted

       – Grilled chicken breast, chipotle aioli, and crunchy red cabbage slaw – $11.45

The Incredible

       – Grilled Sirloin Burger with Jameson Irish Whiskey barbeque sauce, an onion ring, Dubliner cheese, and arugula – $12.95

The Marvel

     – Fried chicken, pickled red onions, and bacon jam – $11.45

Have no fear, however, their specialty meat pies along with their battered burger and famous One & One meals are still on the new menu.

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