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Disney Combines Animal Conservation and Pandora with the Interactive ‘Connect to Protect’

Throughout the development of Pandora – The World of Avatar, Disney stressed that the new land would follow Animal Kingdom‘s message of conservation and animal protection. In an effort to fulfill that promise Disney has announced “Connect and Protect”, an interactive part of the My Disney Experience App that will allow guests to explore Pandora, learn about animal protection, and make a contribution while they’re at it.

While guests explore the Valley of Mo’ara they can receive messages in-app from a ecological specialist on Pandora. Fitsimti “Fits” Buckley will serve as not only your guide to the strange new land, but also as a source of information about conservation efforts that relate not only to the fictional moon, but Earth as well.

To show how important conservation is, Disney is putting their money where your phone is. Just for discussing conservation on the app, Disney Parks will donate $5 through the Disney Conservation Fund. That contribution goes up to $10 if you complete a mission on the app. Where do these donations go? Disney Parks Blog states, “You will then get to choose how that contribution will help protect or restore habitats important to one of 10 threatened categories of animals: apes, elephants, butterflies, coral reefs, cranes, monkeys, rhinos, sea turtles, sharks & rays, and tigers.”

Now you have a way to explore an extraordinarily detailed new land, and protect animals while you do it. It’s the opposite of killing two birds with one stone! Check in with us for all your Pandora updates. The new land opens May 27th.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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