Disney Cruise Line drops plans to develop Egg Island in the Bahamas


Disney Cruise Line had reportedly been looking into purchasing a new island in the Bahamas, but it now looks like those plans have fallen through. Egg Island, a small 12-acre island, had been in Disney’s sights as a possible location for a new private island for the cruise ships, but feasibility studies have shown that the island cannot be developed into a cruise port.

Residents of nearby island, Spanish Wells, had been conducting an online campaign to keep Disney from developing the island. The Facebook page “SaveEggIsland” posted copies of newspaper articles from Bahamian newspaper, The Tribune, announcing that Disney was not coming. The post had the hashtags #saveeggisland, #wedidit, and #thanksforthesuupport.

Kim Prunty, DCL spokeswoman, spoke The Tribune and said, “We regularly look for opportunities for growth, some of which we pursue and others that we don’t. We recently completed a careful and thorough review of a project at Egg Island and determined that the environmental impact of our intended development would be too significant.”

In the article, Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie said that no deal with Disney had been approved and that the government would only sign off on the plan if the assessments were done and proved no harm would be done to the area.

News source: Disney Cruise Line Blog

Photo credit: Save Egg Island Facebook page

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