Disney Introduces New Spirit Jerseys Featuring Popular Theme Park Attractions

Four new spirit jerseys that were inspired by classic Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions are coming soon to Disney Parks.

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate the spirit of the Haunted Mansion. The new spirit jersey above features a pattern that was inspired by the beloved attraction’s iconic wallpaper and it even glows in the dark.


Guests can find their favorite Enchanted Tiki Room birds in this vivid new spirit jersey style.


Climb aboard the happiest cruise that ever sailed in style with this colorful new jersey inspired by the classic “it’s a small world” attraction.


It’s a pirate’s life for you with this Pirates of the Caribbean spirit jersey style. The black and red striped silhouette is a fit for any pirate or wench.

These cute attraction-themed spirit jerseys are heading out to the Disney theme parks later this month.

Source: Disney Style