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Feel the Music of Pandora with the Swotu Waya Na’vi Drum Ceremony

To fully immerse yourself in the Na’vi culture of Pandora – The World of Avatar, it is best to open your senses.

The new land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has worked very hard to make it possible for guests to see and feel the alien culture that surrounds them, and they didn’t stop there. Thanks to an interactive element of the environment, Swotu Waya, the moon’s visitors can take part in the music of the Na’vi.

The Disney Parks Blog describes Swotu Waya like this:

“Swotu Wayä (“sacred place of song”), is located in the heart of Mo’ara Valley, and is where guests can interact with a collection of instruments fashioned by the Na’vi that are connected into the moon’s root system. As guests play instruments, they connect to a living memory of song that responds to fill the space around them with music and light.”

We may want to connect with Pandora ourselves, but sometimes it’s nice to leave the music-making to the professionals. Luckily, those who have studied Na’vi musical culture for most of their lives will periodically step in and show us how it’s done throughout the day and night. This well rounded group knows what they are doing, as it includes “a musicologist who has studied Na’vi musical culture… an expatriate from Earth and a native Pandoran who is among the first generation of humans born on Pandora.”

As it turns out, the Na’vi do not have what we would consider traditional literature or storytelling, so their cultural communication happens through song. The Disney Parks Blog released a video to explain how Swotu Waya works:

Check in with us for updates to this detailed new land as they come out, and until then, enjoy the music!

Source/Image: Disney Parks Blog

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