Permit Shows New DVC Tower at the Disneyland Hotel Could be Larger, Shorter Than First Reported

CORRECTION: This permit is not related to a Disney Vacation Club property, but to another timeshare company. We apologize for the confusion.

A new permit issued last week by the city of Anaheim gives more insight into the possible size and additional uses for the new Disney Vacation Club tower being built at the Disneyland Hotel.

We originally reported that the 280,000 square-foot development would be a 12-story tower with 350 units. The permit issued December 27th, however, points to a 7-story building with 393 units for a total of 484,377 square-feet, including a restaurant, lobby, sales area, deck area, and pool restrooms.

The reported value for the portion of the project covered by this permit is $4 million.

Source: @DLthings/City of Anaheim