Sam’s Club Now Offers Discounted Disneyland and Walt Disney World Theme Park Tickets

Late last week, Sam’s Club introduced discounted tickets to the Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks. While the savings aren’t enormous they might be something to consider if you already have a Sam’s Club membership.

From what we can tell there is no difference in pricing on a one day ticket. However, the longer the length of ticket the greater saving are when purchasing through Sam’s Club. For example, a 7-day base ticket package purchased through Walt Disney World directly will cost between $59 and $68 per day depending on the day, comparatively that same 7-day ticket package purchased through Sam’s Club will range between $56 and $65 per day. That is a savings of $21 over the course of a week.

There seems to be no option for a single day Disneyland ticket through Sam’s Club. Instead, Sam’s Club offers Disneyland tickets in 2, 3, 4, and 5-day ticket packages. Just to give you an idea a 5-day base ticket costs $73 per day directly through Disneyland and $63 per day through Sam’s Club. Additionally, at this time, these ticket packages through Sam’s Club come with a $25 gift certificate.