Seaworld Orlando Saves a Bottlenose Dolphin That Was Attacked by a Shark

According to WFTV, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida this past March a rescue team from SeaWorld Orlando saved an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin after it had been attacked by a shark. The wounded dolphin has been cared for by SeaWorld veterinarians since the rescue. Using “antibiotics, dewormers, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and wound care” the dolphin has been nursed back to health, and once it is at full strength SeaWorld plans on releasing the animal back into the ocean. One crucial test the dolphin has passed was a hearing test. If the dolphin had failed the test it likely wouldn’t be able to return to the ocean, because dolphins need their sense of hearing for hunting their prey and evading sharks and orcas. Credit: WFTV

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