Top of the Edge – Disneyland Reaches Milestone in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction

Anticipation for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on both sides of the U.S. has reached a fever pitch, and suspense continues to build with each new announcement of the upcoming land's development. For future guests, today's news only bolsters our desire to see Galaxy's Edge's completion; for Imagineers, cast members, and builders, today's news is a reason to celebrate: the Disneyland Galaxy's Edge construction team just capped its tallest peak! G-E-1 Reaching into the California sky at 130-feet-high, Galaxy's Edge's tallest peak was constructed today, and this major milestone was one that all Disneyland Resort cast members has the honor of participating in. Every cast member was invited to lend their signature to the steel beams that would be raised to the apex of the land, their names becoming an unseen but important part of Disneyland history. g-e-3 Although all cast members were able to lend their names to park history, a select few will have the significant impact of lending their ideas. A team of cast members will be on hand to influence the way Galaxy's Edge's two signature attractions are developed. As Disney describes it,
"They will offer their unique knowledge of our parks, attractions and operations to inform and influence how the immersive attractions allow guests to experience Star Wars in their own way."
Disney Parks Blog released a video of the celebration, which you can watch below:
Of course, Disneyland isn't the only park taking great strides in Galaxy's Edge construction, as shown by the photo below, where the trading post is beginning to take shape in Disney's Hollywood Studios. g-e-4 The lands are set to open in 2009, so although it might feel like it, Galaxy's Edge is not far far away. Source/Images: The Disney Parks Blog