Walt Disney Company Announces New ‘The Lion King’ Themed Conservation Campaign

The Walt Disney Company has announced a new global conservation campaign in celebration of the July 19th theatrical release of The Lion King. The "Protect the Pride" campaign will be supporting the Wildlife Conservation Network's Lion Recovery Fund and their efforts to protect and revitalize the lion population, with the goal of doubling the lion population in Africa by 2050. Elissa Margolis, senior vice president of Enterprise Social Responsibility for the Walt Disney Company said of the effort:
"Disney is committed to supporting lion conservation efforts and we believe The Lion King is the perfect story to remind us of the role each of us has in ensuring a world where these majestic animals are treasured and protected. Conservation has always been a core value of The Walt Disney Company and that commitment is apparent in everything from our films to our theme parks and is why we created the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF). Through the stories we tell and the experiences we create, we have the power to reach people around the world and inspire them to take action with us."
The Walt Disney Company has already donated $1.5 million to the Lion Recovery Fund, and hopes to double that through grants and with the participation of fans. The $3 million donation is the largest single contribution made through the Disney Conservation Fund in the project's 24-year history, putting the total donation over $75 million. Here are some of the ways that fans can help increase the total donation:
  • At Disney's Animal Kingdom, experience Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition during the opening week of the film. For every guests who rides July 19-25, Disney will donate $2 (up to $350,000).
  • Beginning June 10th, Purchase one of 40,000 Special Edition Simba and Nala plush lions at the Disney Store (or Shop Disney.com). For each plus sold, Disney will donate $5.
  • Disney will also donate $25,000 from the sales of the new book, "The Art and Making of the Lion King."
Source: The Walt Disney Company / Protect the Pride