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The DIS is excited to announce an extremely popular time and money-saving service that will make your vacations at Walt Disney World much more convenient:
wner's Locker
If you come to the Orlando area at least once every other year, a new service called Owner's Locker could be perfect for you.

  • Owner's Locker allows you to store your vacation gear between visits, which means less packing, less hassles, less hauling and less stress!
  • Owner's Locker provides you with a container to store personal items that you regularly use at Walt Disney World, such as toiletries, electronics, a water filter, your favorite liquor—just about anything that makes your stay more pleasant.
  • Owner's Locker picks the container up from over 250 Orlando resorts when you check out and stores it in a climate-controlled warehouse until you return.
    -Here's the great part:  Owner's Locker will have your container waiting for you wherever you stay in Orlando when you come back!  No more airline luggage hassles, no more shipping items back and forth.  No more throwing unused items away
  • Owner's Lockerit will make your vacations a lot more convenient.

DIS Moderators and Webmasters have tested Owner's Locker and put it through its paces.

I now know why pirates put their treasure in boxes and bury it, so they can dig it back up when they are on vacation every year!

At first I thought our Owner's Locker might be a novelty item that we could keep a few things in that I didn't want to deal with packing every year in the luggage, but now after actually using it, every inch is considered valuable real estate. All those countless hours of playing Tetris have finally paid off in getting things to fit just right to maximize our precious purple space.

Opening our locker is an event listed on our itinerary every year now as we race to get it in the room and play “rock paper scissors” to see who gets to break the seals and lay claim to the treasure inside. FYI, I have a string of victories now since my wife always seems to throw a “rock”.

Thank you John and Brian for not only providing such great service but also adding to the magic and creating a new family tradition. We can't tell you enough how much we love it!

- WebmasterCricket

At first glance, Owner's Locker may look like something that would be nice but we have always gotten along fine with what we take to WDW. That's how we felt when we first heard about the service – nice idea, not something we'd really need.
When we had an opportunity to try the service we found a whole different set of concepts to consider. First, the guys that run Owner's Locker (OL) are first rate people, with both a sound business plan in place and , more importantly, a truly superior customer service attitude and that's what really drives the business.

OL provides storage and delivery of personal items for anyone staying in the WDW area. We're not talking about a few cardboard boxes stored in a garage or A-1 storage facility with a concrete floor – our “stuff” is stored in large heavy-duty plastic storage bins in a climate controlled facility. The lockers are all logged into an elaborate inventory system so that they know where our locker is at all times. We receive an email a few weeks prior to our trip letting us know that our locker is ready to head to our resort and we get another note our day of arrival letting us know our locker has already arrived safely and is waiting for us. Once we leave for home, we usually get another email at the airport letting us know our “stuff” is safely back in storage.
I have also had the opportunity to ride in the Purple Van – and view first hand the wonderful relationship OL has with the Bell Staff at each resort and also the systems they have in place to track each locker. It is very impressive operation and offers a very impressive level of service.
Add to that the value of the OL experience – enhanced by changes made in TSA travel restrictions and more recently in the additional charges made by several airlines for checked baggage – and the cost of OL is truly nominal. We are now able to travel only with carry-on bags with minimal items since we are able to store so much in our OL. We have changes of clothing, lots of personal items and many things we cannot take on the airlines any longer (try bringing on 6 bottles of wine in your carry-on. :)
Even if you don't think this is something you'd benefit from, why not give it some thought – you may just surprise yourself as we did.  :)

- WebmasterDoc

I have had my Owner's Locker for a year now, and have used it on three trips.  When I first heard about Owner's Locker, I was sure if it was right for me, but with the risk free trial, I thought it would be worth trying out.  The locker is bigger than I expected, and can hold a lot things.  With the airlines become more stringent about charging fees for overweight bags, and first and second checked bags, it's nice to have a place to leave some things down in Orlando so I don't have to worry about by bag being to heavy.  I plan on leaving three or four days worth of clothes in my owners locker so that I can travel with a carryon bag for longer trips. and no luggage for weekend getaways.  

And as an added bonus, the lighter bag going down means I have more room for souvenirs on my way home.

One of the things I like most about having an Owner's Locker is the ability to leave some things down to enhance my trips--things that would be nice to have on my Disney vacations, but I don't have room to pack.  I left a full sized hair dryer in there so I don't have to use the weak ones provided in most hotel rooms.  I have a framed picture of my nieces and nephews in there so that I can put it on my end table and have a piece of home to make me smile on my trips.  I also have a light jacket in there for those nights when it is unexpectely cool, and an umbrella and rain ponchos for rainy days.  I'm planning on leaving a cell phone charger and iPod charger in there next time, as those are items that I sometimes forget to pack.

The customer service provided by Owner's Locker is outstanding.  When my Locker arrives at my resort, I receive a text message letting me know that it is waiting at bell services.  When the locker is picked up and returned to the warehouse, I receive an e-mail letting me know it is safe and sound at the warehouse.  When Central Florida had some heavy rains from a recent hurricane, I received a e-mail assuring me that my Owner's Locker was safe and sound.  

The have a great system called the Dashboard where Owners can keep track of the inventory of their locker, and make arrangements to have their lockers delivered and picked up. The Dashboard is very easy to navigate, and it only takes a minute or two to arrange for the locker to be dropped off and picked up--just a few clicks of the mouse, and you're done.  

Overall, I'm thrilled with my Owner's Locker, and the service provided by John and Brian!  I highly recommend Owner's Lockers for people who regularly travel to the Orlando area for vacations.  

- TLinden (Transportation Moderator)    

Owner's Locker is a fantastic idea for campers!  No more hauling all those "little" things back and forth each time!  I use mine for storing items such as:  bug spray, candles, flashlights, small propane canisters, matches, dish towels, laundry and dish detergent, whisk broom, paper plates, napkins, silverware, and toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, combs and brushes, hair dryer).  These things usually take up so much space in the car and suitcases!  But, the locker is large enough to hold all of these things, and more!  Along with your locker, you get a space on the Owner's Locker Web site where you can keep a list of your stored items.  Owner's Locker is a godsend for tent campers, and it's also a convenient way to "unclutter" your travel trailer or motorhome!  Everything is waiting for you when you check in at the Fort!  And, at the end of your camping vacation, just throw everything back into the locker and leave it at the front desk when you check out!  It makes unpacking when you get home so much easier!

- Rhonda (Camping Moderator)    

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