It’s Time to Mousekersize: Getting Ready for Your Next Disney Trip!

And I don’t mean diet!

As many of us are able to travel more and looking forward to our Disney vacation plans for 2021-2022, there is a bit of a feeling of being out of shape. And I don’t mean what diet are you on. How am going to get back into being the best I can be physically, mentally, and emotionally for my Disney adventures ahead? What do you do to prepare so you can be at your best while on vacation?


And we’re walking, and we’re walking…getting that walking prep in. If I can walk more at home, I am hoping to walk at a pace that is more than just the Disney stroll; a Disney pace with endurance. But did you know our DIS website,, offers various community threads, a place to chat online, and one of them is called the Walk to Disney? Who knew it was under the WISH forum, entitled Just for Fun?! I am following this group of fun friends who walk at home with a goal walking the number of miles to Disney! How many miles are you from Walt Disney World? From Disneyland?! Join the group!

How’s about the Disney Tips forums “Getting Back in Shape for Disney?” Recommendations by our community include calf raises, yoga practice, and daily mask wearing outside in longer durations to physically prepare, in addition to walking.

If you have Disney Plus, you can find Mickey and friends working out and exercising on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Season Three) episodes. Families can workout together with Mickey Mouse! runDisney also provides virtual marathon events, tips and other experiences for those at all levels of running abilities.

Broken-in shoes and great socks are other good suggestions on our forums as well as muscle strengthening and stretching for joints. I time my walks to my favorite Disney podcasts and Disney music playlists which also help me better prepare for the trip ahead.

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I am behind in my tech knowledge for preparing for Disney trips ahead. I have on my list of prep work to practice using the app because it’s been awhile, to be well-schooled in mobile ordering and educated in Rise of the Resistance boarding group preparedness, and understanding that I may be rusty, so taking the time to remind myself about the My Disney Experience app features is also considered getting back in shape.

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Getting my brain back in shape about the vacation ahead will help me since I have been in the same location for so long. It’s been awhile since my brain reacted to different types of scenarios. I need to work on airplane readiness, my packing brain switch definitely has to be turned on, and I need to discover the latest information that I need to store about a trip since my last time. A disboards user recommends visualization and meditation.

Daily news about the Disney parks changes often and I want to be mentally prepared, so I am more focused on the The Dis forums than ever before. Reading Here Now Just Got Back under the Theme Parks and Strategies Forum, Trip Reports in the planning areas, and following my resort property community on the DIS (Disney) discussion forums help me with valuable knowledge to be the best prepared I can be.

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Having a great mindset can prepare me for my next Disney vacation. I am working on a positive outlook, or at least trying to, when I have Disney concerns. The “I’m just happy to be here” approach often spoken by DIS President Corey Martin is something that some of us, including myself, need a reminder of, or need to practice.

Emerging from a “Covid cave” may take some people a little time to prepare. Gradual reintroduction and a baby steps approach may be thoughtful in order to prepare for a Disney vacation. It can be somewhat of a shock to go from one extreme to another for some. And that may be joining your local society first and doing pandemic re-entry in small increments prior to your trip. Mindfully preparing to eat out and seeing “larger” groups of people might be best done initially in your own local town on your own terms and comfort level.

I feel like I am creating homework for myself to be back in shape for an approaching Disney trip. Some of it is challenging, but some of it has been like visiting an old friend.

What suggestions do you have for getting back in Disney parks shape when we’ve been away for so long? I would love to hear your ideas!

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