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Tips on How to Maximize Your Disney Vacation

Tips on How to Maximize Your Disney Vacation The DIS castlemine

Visiting Disney World has gotten slightly confusing within the past two years. First with the reservation system and then the addition of Disney Genie+. I know many guests have been having issues with all the new systems, one of them being my mom, and it’s been frustrating watching her struggle with all these new layers. Let’s explore the different ways you can maximize your vacation.

Don’t Wait to Buy Your Tickets

Buy your tickets online. This will save you time keeping you out of those ticket booth lines. Purchasing them in advance also allows more time to set up your My Disney Experience App and ensure that everyone in your party is linked to your account. Once everyone is connected, it will help create a smoother process for making theme park reservations. This step is essential because guests can not enter the parks without a valid ticket or reservation.

Stay Near or on Property

Many perks of staying on property have started to disappear, but one perk still available is the buses. The buses might not always run on time, but it’s a great way to get around Disney if your group doesn’t have a car. Staying nearby but not in Disney could help save money, and some hotels in the area do have shuttles for the parks. If you are considering staying outside of the area, look at the Disney Good Neighbor Hotels. If you venture too far, it might be a hassle to get to the parks and make getting to dining reservations on time difficult.

Download The My Disney Experience App

I know many Disney fans go to the parks to take a break from the world, which means taking time away from their phone. Nowadays, a phone is needed for a successful trip, and the My Disney Experience App is why. This app allows guests to find wait times, make dining reservations, and use Disney Genie and Genie+. I would also recommend getting familiar with Disney Genie because this section of the app is made to help guests maximize their day for free.

Don’t Over-Pack Your Bag

Carrying a heavy bag all day is not how you want to spend your park day, I promise. Pack lightly, but pack the essentials like sunscreen, water, portable chargers, and medication. Large, heavy bags don’t make great ride companions; they take up a lot of space and leave a small spot for your legs.

Use Single Rider Lines

Wait times have been high recently, so single-rider lines could help cut that time in half. Of course, you must be okay with being separated from your family or friends during the ride. Using this line is a Disney “hack” that is used frequently. I use the single-rider line a lot, even if I’m with a group. It is important to note that not all attractions have a single rider line there’s only a handful available.

Take Breaks

It is important to remember to take breaks; you don’t have to move constantly all day. Taking breaks, whether at the resort, a covered table, or on a bench, is essential because the parks can be draining, and sometimes you need to let your feet rest. While relaxing, you can take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding area. One of the best ways to take a break is to watch a show like Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage at Hollywood Studios, the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom, or the Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom. This method allows you to sit down and relax while experiencing Disney entertainment.

These are just a few ways to ensure you maximize your Disney trip and have little to no stress while in the parks. The most important thing to do is to research. On our website, you can find plenty of tips and tricks to help you better plan your vacation.

If you have helpful tips and tricks to maximize one’s trip, leave them in the comments section.

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