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Indy Racing Experience
Walt Disney Speedway Orlando

The Indy Racing Experience puts you in a real IndyCar Series Car. These cars have been retrofitted for two passengers. Depending on which experience you choose, you can either sit behind a professional driver or take part in the driving program that puts you behind the wheel of an actual IndyCar.

IndyCar Experience at Disney

The Indy Racing Experience has 2 different programs available in Orlando:

  • Ride-Along:
    You ride as a passenger. The car, with authentic racing powerplant, can reach speeds up to 130mph as you make 3 laps around the course.
    $109 - Plus Tax

  • Drive Experience:
    You follow a lead car making 1 warm up lap, 6 laps at speed and 1 cool down lap. You determine the speed you're comfortable with as you race the course.
    $399 - Plus Tax

Book either online or by calling 1-888-357-5002

The Indy Racing Experience will take place daily at 4:00pm until sundown.  Participants need to arrive by 3:00pm for classroom instruction and to fill out the required paperwork.

When you arrive and have signed the waivers, you'll be fitted in a full fire suit, helmet, gloves and fire shoes. (Dress comfortably and please bring socks.)

From here you'll go through an orientation if your doing a drive program. You'll learn how the car works and every effort will be made to ensure that you're comfortable both in and out of the car.

There will be a special sitting area where guests can watch you drive and take photos/video of your experience which I definately reccommend doing since they don't offer the photo and video options such at Richard Petty Driving Experience.

When using Disney transportation, take the Richard Petty Driving Experience Shuttle from the Ticket and Transportation Center which picks up next to the Magic Kingdom Kennel.

Please note that all programs are subject to close if the weather is inclement. Call ahead to verify that the track is open.

William Perry Driving an IndyCar

Real cars real history
- Check out some past stats put up by the car you'll be driving!

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