The Muppets

Someday We’ll Find It: the Muppet Connection

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Disney… The Muppets and Disney have me confused. There is a disconnect between the two, and there has been since the early 2000’s. The Muppets […]

‘The Muppet Show’ Coming to Disney Plus!

If you’re like other devoted Muppets fans, you’ve no doubt spent time longingly sifting through the Muppets titles available on Disney+ hoping to find The Muppet Show listed, all to […]

The Monday Merch Meeting – Week of March 9

Just like that, another week has passed, and we are back with all the latest new merchandise from Disney Resorts. If you missed last week’s installment of The Monday Merch Meeting, […]

Disney’s Underwhelming Use of the Muppets

The Muppets were initially created by Jim and Jane Henson in 1955, as an oft-comedic gaggle of puppets which has been involved in a wide variety of misadventures, musical performances, as […]