I Unapologetically Loved D23. Here’s Why.

It’s easy to find things to complain about; No new gate announcements, not knowing what size Figment will be, Chapek thinking that beard will soften his slimy smile. But the […]

Moana, Zootopia & Villains-Themed Areas, Teased at D23

Towards the end of the D23 Event in Anaheim, California, something extraordinary happened: Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro, Imagineering Portfolio Creative Executive Chris Beatty, and Walt Disney Animation Studios Chief […]

Disney Rumor Round Up January 2021

Welcome to the January (and first!) edition of Disney Rumor Round Up for 2021! You can check out the December 2020 installment here. It is a new year and hopefully one […]

‘Moana’ Sails Home on a Must-Own Blu-ray

Disney had a stellar year when it came to The Walt Disney Animation Studios. Both Zootopia and Moana were hits with the former winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but […]