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5 Beginner Mistakes At Walt Disney World

5 Beginner Mistakes At Walt Disney World result

5 Beginner Mistakes At Walt Disney World result result

5) Getting The Dining Plan For Small Eaters

I love the Disney Dining Plan, but it isn’t for everyone. Those who are on a budget, and don’t eat very much should not get the Disney Dining Plan. When you break down the cost of the Disney Dining Plan you quickly learn that it isn’t worth the cost unless you plan on eating a lot of food. Some Walt Disney World vacationers love being able to prepay the cost of the Disney Dining Plan before their vacation so it will be one less thing they have to worry about, but that luxury comes at a big price.

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4) Not Enjoying Your Disney Resort Hotel

Walt Disney World Resorts are expensive. One night in a Disney Resort hotel can easily reach $400 dollars depending on where you are staying. There is a reason you’re paying so much. The Walt Disney World Resort hotels offer a lot more than the off property resorts, so take advantage of those benefits. Spend some time at the pool, the bar, or spend time doing something special at whatever resort you choose to stay at. For example, a stay a Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort isn’t complete without spending some time at Trader Sam’s.

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3) Forgetting A Portable Phone Battery

Phones are now crucial at Walt Disney World. Having the MyMagic+ App on your phone allows you to make FastPass+ selections, dining reservations/changes, and so much more. The app makes your day a lot simpler. The only problem is if your phone dies you are kind of out of luck. Yes, there are FastPass+ kiosks, but you will just feel like you’re getting slowed down without your phone. This is why packing a portable phone battery is important. Being able to get an additional charge will give your phone the extra boost to help get through the day.

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2) Wearing The Wrong Shoes/Clothes

There are a couple big mistakes that can be made when packing for a Walt Disney World vacation. Most importantly good quality, comfortable, slightly worn sneakers or solid sandals are important. You aren’t there to make a fashion statement. Having something on your feet that isn’t going to give you blisters is crucial. You walk a lot during a week’s time in Walt Disney World, so now isn’t the time to pack heels or designer shoes.

Remember what time of year you’re traveling when packing for Florida. In the summer months you need to pack for extremely hot, humid, and wet weather. The heat and humidity is uncomfortable. Packing light clothes that will give you as much breathing room as possible is important. Additionally, it rains almost everyday. Cotton shirts and jean shorts don’t dry very easily. After a huge rainstorm you’ll feel like a wet mop if that is what you’re wearing. That give you a basic idea for the summer, but what most beginners especially don’t know about visiting central Florida is that January and February can actually be a little chilly. During those two months there can be entire weeks where it’s only 50 degrees. I know that sounds mild compared to winters in the northeast or Canada, but you forget that it is 50 degrees of being outside all day long. Having pants and a couple sweaters will make your days more comfortable.

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1) Not Doing Any Research

If you’re reading this you are already on your way to planning a great Disney vacation, but this is just the beginning. You don’t need to plan out every second of your vacation, but giving yourself an understanding of each park is essential. Walking into to each park with at least a handful of attractions you know you want to ride will give you a good start. Having that knowledge with a reservation or two for the restaurants you want to eat at gives you the perfect foundation for a great Disney day. Knowing this information beforehand is great because it makes the entire experience a lot less overwhelming.

Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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