A Look Inside the Newly Refurbished Mickey’s of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Mickey's of Hollywood in Disney's Hollywood Studios has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment. Mickey's of Hollywood sits on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard at the Crossroads of the World, and is one of the main merchandise locations in Hollywood Studios. IMG_6679 Seasonal merchandise is located just inside of the first door that you come to as you enter the park. All of the Halloween 2019 merchandise was beautifully displayed, and easily accessed. You'll find the usual assortment of current Walt Disney World t-shirts nearby as well. IMG_6685 A large assortment of Disney Parks collection jewelry is available at Mickey's of Hollywood. IMG_6687 The new Arendelle Aqua collection is prominently displayed as guests enter the doors that face Hollywood Boulevard. IMG_6692The refinished interior echoes the Art Deco design elements utilized in the recent refurbishment of Keystone Clothiers. A square pattern is used on the ceiling of the store, and mirrored in the tile pattern on the floor. The flooring also features tile set in a repeated chevron and sunburst pattern. IMG_6684 The walls are clad in a deep rust color, and brass and brass-colored surfaces are found throughout the store. IMG_6695 Mickey's of Hollywood has a large collection of Minnie Mouse ear headbands and caps. IMG_6709 2 Guests will be able to find Toy Story merchandise here, including the Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear Loungefly backpacks. IMG_6688 You'll also find toys of all shapes and sizes, including the Disney Railroad and Walt Disney World Monorail sets. I personally love the brightly lit headers indicating what items are where throughout the store. It's easy to survey the store and find what you're looking for. IMG_6690 One of the most noteworthy changes stemming from the refurbishment is the relocation of the cashiers. I had the chance to speak to one of the merchandise leaders who indicated that the cash registers being moved away from the middle of the store is a favorite element of the new space. Two new banks of cash registers (11 registers total) are in the back left and right corners of the store. I imagine that this change will improve guest flow dramatically. IMG_6700 The store is open and airy, and, to me, felt much more spacious than the former layout of the shop. IMG_6699 Next time you're in Hollywood Studios, be sure to stop in and check out the changes to Mickey's of Hollywood. And please be sure to pop back by this article and share your thoughts about the refurb below.

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