The Most Underrated Quick Service Locations in Each WDW Park

There’s no denying that Disney World has amazing food in regards to both variety and quality. This is true of their table service and quick service locations. Much like the table service restaurants, there are some quick service eateries that you hear about over and over again. Flame Tree Barbeque, Casey’s Corner, and Sunshine Seasons come to mind without having to think too hard. Granted, I also love these places and there is a reason that people rave about them. What about all the other locations, though? If you want to try something different, here’s my pick for the one spot in each park that is not only exceptional, but often overlooked.

The Magic Kingdom– Tucked away in Liberty Square, just before you enter Fantasyland, is the Columbia Harbor House. It’s the kind of place that’s pretty easy to miss, and a lot of people do. However, I’d strongly suggest making a point to stop in! Why? Two words- seafood and space. Shrimp, tuna, salmon, and lobster can all be found on their menu in some form. Even though the sides are fairly basic, they’re still delicious. It’s a welcome departure from any of the other quick service menus. As for the other point, Columbia Harbor House has an upstairs. While this doesn’t necessarily offer more overall seating (most other locations have an outdoor seating area), it does offer more climate controlled seating, which can be hard to find on hot or rainy days. Take advantage of it. Grab a seat by the window, relax, and people watch!


Epcot– I won’t lie, it’s really hard to narrow my dining choices in Epcot down to one, but I did manage it down to two! The World Showcase offers so many different kinds of food and I’ve yet to find any that are bad. But while NorwayFrance, and the UK get a lot of chatter about what they serve, I find the Tangierine Café (Morocco) and the Katsura Grill (Japan) are two places that are just as good if not better. The Tangierine Café has a basic selection of Mediterranean food (shawarma, couscous, saffron chicken, etc.) and it’s the perfect place for a group to try something new without much commitment, since the servings are pretty huge (The top picture is one quick service meal and doesn’t show the dessert or drink). Seating can sometimes be a hassle as it is right beside World Showcase loop, but luckily Morocco has lots of nooks and crannies to explore and get (mildly) comfortable in. The Katsura Grill, on the other hand, is somewhat off the beaten path. There is indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoor seating located behind the koi pond and streams. Again, the menu here is wonderful, and has a very good variety of Japanese food. Sushi, udon, ramen, and various teriyaki dishes can be found, as well as the very unique green tea cheesecake. This spot can even be a little quite at times!

Animal Kingdom– The AK seems to have a wide variety of food carts rather than actual quick service locations, but for this list I didn’t consider those. While that does narrow the choices, there is still plenty of food to consider! For my pick in the Animal Kingdom, I’d recommend the Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafés. Located around the corner from the Yak and Yeti restaurant, the cafés serves the same Asian-fusion style food without the hassle of a reservation! (Note: the Yak and Yeti restaurant is DEFINITELY worth getting a reservation.) Not only can you get some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, like honey chicken or teriyaki beef, but the Local Food Cafés serves breakfast as well, a rarity at quick services spots.

Hollywood Studios– HS really doesn’t have a “go-to” quick service location, and likely won’t until some of the construction is done in the park. I don’t even really have an “underrated” recommendation. However, personally…I’m always going to visit PizzeRizzo. No, not for the food (it’s good, but nothing to write home about) but simply because of my love of the Muppets. I am, after all, a child of the 80s! The upstairs décor perfectly captures the spirit of Rizzo and his incredibly large family, and it’s refreshing to see a renewed Muppet presence in the park. Sometimes nostalgia is enough. Hey, while you’re there, grab a meatball sub and some tiramisu. It won’t disappoint.

Food will always been a hot topic for Disney lovers and the “best” places to eat will always be strongly debated.  Do you have a spot that you never miss when you visit the World?

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