Bus Arrival Monitors at select Walt Disney World resorts

Have you ever wondered what time the next bus might be arriving when you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort? Well at select Walt Disney World resorts  you just need to look at the monitors at the bus stop. Disney had been testing these for several years at the resorts. WDW has not yet said when all the resorts will have the monitors.


The resorts that currently have the monitors are Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani bus stop, All Star Sports, All Star Movies, All Star MusicPort Orleans Riverside, Fort WildernessContemporary and the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. No more guessing when the bus might come. All you need to do is look at the monitor. It updates every minute with the estimated time of arrival. We did experience a few buses that arrived earlier than the monitor stated, or we watched the times adjust due to a delay. The buses are tracked by GPS and the times are relayed to the monitors.


There were 3 monitors at All Star Sports. They were very dim and hard to see so if you didn’t know the monitors were there you would miss them.

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We also saw them installing a fence around the pool at All Star Sports. Previously there had been no fence around the pool.


All Star Music


All Star Movies



At Port Orleans Riverside we found the monitor in the bus stop building closest to the main building. (South Depot)




Fort Wilderness Outpost Depot, this is the bus stop near the parking lot as you enter Fort Wilderness. The monitor is installed but it wasn’t working.

112 114

The Contemporary has several monitors along with some benches to sit and relax while you wait. In fact all of the resorts do have some benches to sit on while you wait.

079 085


The Grand Floridian

089 093

If you are staying at one of these resorts you now will know when the bus is coming so you can take your child out of the stroller and have it folded up when the bus arrives. Don’t forget to follow the rules while using the buses and pack your patience because sometimes the bus may arrive full so you need to wait for the next bus.


‘Til next time, See you in the parks!

Kathy Werling discovered Walt Disney World later than most people but has made up for it. Living close to the theme parks hasn't gotten old yet for her. Kathy is an accomplished photographer and is always out finding new and different things to photograph and experience in the Orlando theme parks. Kathy is also part of the Orlando DIS Unplugged Podcast team.


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