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Ranking Ten of the Most Popular Walt Disney World Snacks

While in quarantine, I have found myself dangerously close to the “quarantine 15.” Being stuck inside all day has really made me snack more than ever before. However, as time has gone on, I’ve become increasingly bored with all usual snacks (thus saving me from the full 15). This has led me to fantasize about all my favorite Disney World snacks, wishing I could have them right now in place of my boring Cheez-Its and Halo Top ice cream. This train of thought has led me to the ranking of ten of the most popular Disney snacks.

Before I begin, I would like to preface my ranking by noting that I purposefully included only the most popular trademark snacks on Disney property; ones that you can find in almost any park, are not seasonal, and that are extremely popular among virtually all Disney fans. While the more obscure snacks are delicious and very Instagram-worthy, this list would be far too long if I included those.

10. The Heart-Stopping Turkey Leg

Don’t let this low ranking fool you- I used to be a big fan of the turkey leg. There are many pictures of me from when I was younger than ten chowing down on an entire leg, completely oblivious to the fact that by eating this whole thing, I was increasing my chances of suffering from a heart-attack before the age of 30 tenfold. This monstrosity has over 700 calories, over 30 grams of fat, and enough salt to put you on blood pressure medication. While it’s definitely big enough to share, I think it’s a little gross to share something somebody else has been slobbering all over. I do not think Disney is the time and place to be counting calories, but come on. The turkey leg is just asking for it.

9. The Infamous Churro

I would just like to say that it’s not that I don’t like the Disney churro. I do. It is perfectly coated with a delicious sugar-cinnamon mix, is crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside, and is well sized. Where it loses most of its points, though, is that it isn’t very original. Sure, the color of the sugar mix sometimes changes to promote new content, such as the Star Wars churros, but for the most part, it’s a little lackluster.

8. The Bucket Popcorn

I am a BIG fan of Disney World popcorn, and especially of the buckets you can get for them. I love my popcorn buttery and salty, and Disney does that perfectly (probably just to make you buy more soda to quench your salt-induced thirst). The optional popcorn buckets also make this a snack you can carry on and off rides, and eat as you please throughout the day, which I think is a huge perk. However, while you can get the Disney-themed buckets for the popcorn, there are better Disney-themed snacks out there that took over the higher rankings. The popcorn also isn’t very refreshing in the Florida heat, which loses the snack some points.

7. Anything made by Goofy’s Candy Co.

Goofy’s Candy Co. is a favorite of mine. I cannot leave Disney World without going to the big candy store at Disney Springs and buying something from Goofy. There are plenty of options when it comes to Goofy’s line of candy, including taffy, sour gummy worms, rock candy, and so much more. Goofy’s Candy Co. ranked higher than the others not only because of the variety, but also because it’s a snack you can carry around with you and pick on throughout the day, or even buy and take home with you on the plane. I also really enjoy the immersion in this brand, putting into the minds of guests that Goofy is somehow put together enough to own his own company (but I have to assume that the clumsiness remains and the “Days Without Accidents” board is perpetually stuck at 0).

6. Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

The Mickey rice krispy treats are a must-have in my book. I always buy at least one to take home, in an attempt to carry the magic into the outside world with me. I love the variation this snack provides; there are plain treats; there are treats drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles; treats half-dipped in chocolate; treats with M&Ms embedded in them; and so many more. This range allows the snack to be loved by people with all sorts of palettes and snack desires. The theming and the extremely photogenic nature of this snack (making it the perfect post to humble-brag about your vacation) got this snack a respectable ranking on this list. The only reason it loses points is that there are simply better and more refreshing Disney World snacks to come.

5. The Fan Favorite Dole Whip

I know for a FACT I am going to get some rather upset people in the comments that I didn’t rank this Disney snack higher. I know I’m in the minority here, and I have mentioned it in previous articles, but I am just not a big fan of dole whip (or any of its relatives, for that matter). I have had it maybe twice, in my 20+ trips to WDW, and honestly? I’m good with that. I don’t dislike it, per se, I just don’t ever crave it. I will say, though, that it is a very good treat when it’s 95 degrees out, you’re sweating buckets, and your favorite ride has over an hour long wait. For this reason, and out of respect for Disney fans everywhere, this fan favorite has attained a respectable, middle-of-the-pack ranking.

4. The Mickey-Shaped Pretzel

I cannot count the amount of times I buy this snack during any given Disney trip. It’s fun, it’s shareable, and makes for a great photo-op. It is also an ideal snack to bring with you into a long line, as it won’t melt in the heat, you can share it with other members in your party, and it provides you with some much needed carbs to sustain your 20 mile walk around the park that day. Maybe it’s in my head, or a bias towards Mickey-shaped snacks, but I also think the Mickey pretzel has a much better taste and consistency than other big soft pretzels.

3. Mickey Bars

There’s nothing bad I can say about the Mickey bar. Sure, they melt fast in the Florida heat, but if you love this snack as much as I do, you eat it so fast it hardly has time to melt. The chocolate coating is the perfect amount of chocolatey- not too dark so that your taste buds get sick of the taste, but not so light and milky you hardly taste it. The ice cream itself is also perfectly creamy. The only place where it loses points is that you can find bars similar to these outside of the parks, making them just a little less special.

2. The Beloved Mickey Waffles

It was so hard for me not to rank these first. I cannot express my love for Mickey waffles enough. They are my go-to breakfast at Disney, and the best waffles I have ever had, having the perfect outside crunch to soft and chewy inside ratio. You can also dress these however you want, with syrup, chocolate, whipped cream and fruit; the possibilities are endless. The reasons I didn’t rank these first are the following: I see these as more of a breakfast food than a “snack”, it can be hard to eat when walking around the parks, and it’s not as refreshing as my number one snack.

1. The Magical Mickey Sandwich

I say this snack is magical for a number of reasons, the first being that I find it doesn’t melt too badly. Rarely do I find myself rushing to finish a Mickey ice cream sandwich before it melts into the asphalt, no matter how hot it is. The second reason is this: I’m not even a fan of ice cream sandwiches, yet somehow, I am obsessed with these. Regular ice cream sandwiches aren’t very good to me. I will never go out of my way to get one, and while I love ice cream, if I am offered one, I will often turn it down. But Mickey sandwiches are unlike any other ice cream sandwich, in ways I cannot describe. In my quest to discover why these sandwiches are so good, I’ve noticed that within the ice cream are what seem like cookie bits. Perhaps that’s what makes this snack so delightful? I don’t know, but whatever it is, I will have multiple of these during a Disney vacation. They are also extremely refreshing on a hot day, and bring my overheating body to a cooler temperature.

Let me know what you think of my ranking in the comments! (Please don’t yell at me about the dole whip).

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