Snacking Around the World

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Drinking around the world is arguably Disney World’s most popular unofficial attraction, but the wide range of excellent drinks featured at the World Showcase often overshadows the fantastic cuisine at Epcot. Similar to the drinking game, snacking around the world can be a fun challenge where you attempt to try at least one snack at each pavilion. This guide will show you the best snack in each country when the Food & Wine Festival isn’t going on.


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While the pavilion has Le Cellier, one of the most popular steakhouses on property, there are no quick service locations. I usually start here so I don’t feel like I ended the challenge on a low note. Those of you with integrity might settle on the sugar maple leaves found at the Trading Post, which are literally just sugar in the form of the Canadian flag icon. But I usually trade in integrity for good food and cheat a little, counting the Refreshment Port as a part of Canada. This is the only location in all of Disney World that sells the amazing Croissant Doughnut. For an extra $1.30 you can get ice cream on top. You can find this spot between the Plaza and Canada pavilion.

United Kingdom

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Like Canada, the United Kingdom pavilion does not feature a wide range of snacks. While the fish and chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop are seemingly the only option, they are a great one. A good representation of proper fish and chips from the motherland, this snack is delicious. You can get the fish and chips at the stand next to Rose & Crown Pub.


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If you are an extreme foodie like me, this pavilion will be the one that gives you a bad case of food envy. There are endless good options between the crepe stand in front and the Taj Mahal of snacks, Les Halles, in the back, but I urge you to fight the temptation and hold out for a Croque Glacé at L’Artisan des Glaces. This ice cream shop next to Monsieur Paul offers an amazing ice cream sandwich where they hot press an ice cream scoop in a brioche bun. Make sure you get this treat when you’re in France.


This one is a no-brainer to me: the Baklava. This sweet pastry is delicious and perfect for those who are looking to experiment, but are weary that they might not like Moroccan food. You can buy this pastry at Tangierine Café located at the entrance of the Morocco pavilion.


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Go to the Katsura Grill! It is tucked away behind the koi pond to left of the pavilion and has reasonably priced dishes with big portions. There are a ton of good options here, but I’d recommend the shrimp tempura udon. This noodle dish served with two pieces of shrimp tempura is delicious. Make sure to eat on the outdoor patio overlooking the pavilion.

American Adventure

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This is sadly the worst pavilion for snacking at Epcot, but why turn down an opportunity to eat some comfort food, right? Steer clear of the Liberty Inn and get a funnel cake at the first stand entering the pavilion. It’s not a unique option, but it is delicious.


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The best bet is at the gelato stand at the front of the pavilion where you can find cannoli, tiramisu, and pretty good gelato. I recommend, however, that you get the cannoli cupcake as it is a more unique and interesting item. It’s a small treat, but can resonate with a sweet tooth.


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It may be personal preference, but I will always get bratwurst when it is available. And Sommerfest has exceptional bratwurst that comes with delicious paprika chips. If you’re not as big a fan of sausage, Karamell-Kuche features tons of caramel-covered sweets that are fantastic.


As hard as it is to pass up the very authentic hot dog at the Refreshment Cool Post at the African Outpost, move forward to China and the Lotus Blossom Café. Get out of your take-out comfort zone of eggrolls, orange chicken, and pot stickers (while they are still very good here) with the beef noodle soup bowl. This dish is fantastically prepared and really surprised me for a quick service meal.


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School Bread, School Bread, School Bread. Unfortunately, many guests are unfamiliar with Norwegian cuisine and overlook Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, but this is one of the best bakeries on property and has one of the best snacks in Disney World. This vanilla cream filled custard covered in coconut is sweet and refreshing when you’re in that Florida heat.


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Arguably the best pavilion for drinking around the world, Mexico keeps up a similar standard with food as well (except for the San Angel Inn). Go to La Cantina de San Angel across from the pyramid and finish your challenge with the delicious barbacoa tacos. Bonus points if you were able to finish all of these treats in a single walk around.


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