Vox Populi: RUMOR – Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Going to Become Signature Dining?

Vox Populi: RUMOR - Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Going to Become Signature Dining? Be-Our-Guest-Restaurant-001

Ever since Be Our Guest Restaurant opened it’s doors back in 2012, it’s been insanely popular and continues to be one of the most difficult Advance Dining Reservations to secure.

This restaurant is run like no other at the Walt Disney World Resort. For both breakfast and lunch, they are Quick Service, then for dinner, the dining rooms are magically transformed into a Table Service with servers and all. According to many online reviewers, the food and service have both gone downhill quite a bit at both lunch and dinner since the restaurant’s opening, although the prices continue to increase leaving some wondering what the future holds for this beloved eatery.

As many of you know, Advance Dining Reservations can be made for most Table Service locations 180-days in advance. Posters over on are reporting that there are no dinner reservations available for the entire month of July/2018 and as of today’s date, guests should be able to reserve through July 29, 2018. Because of the lack of availability and various statements that have been made by Cast Members over the phone, there are rumors online questioning whether or not big changes are in store in the near future.

Earlier this month, we told you about the possibility of Be Our Guest Restaurant making the switch from using real dishes to using paper products during their Quick Service lunch and now with this July availability issue, even more eyebrows are being raised.

Here are a few comments from posters over on the Disney Restaurants board:

Poster ‘hmcater‘ says, “I could see this being done in an attempt to maybe to lower the popularity a bit so that reservations are not so crazy. But they would seriously need to up their game to make the food worth the price.”

Colleen27‘ writes,

“I can’t see it. BoG seems to go for volume over per-guest revenue, and signature status would get in the way of that because people would expect a slower-paced experience. Plus it would take a whole new menu to justify it. Switching Le Cellier to a signature made a sort of sense since it was already at the high end of the one-credit price range with a lot of costly ingredients, and because Americans are generally willing to pay relatively high prices for steak. Nothing currently on BoG’s menu is even close to comparable.”

“And they probably couldn’t get away with cupcakes for dessert in a signature restaurant, and that seems to be the best-reviewed part of the BoG menu!”

Poster ‘SarahPerry‘ wrote that she spoke with a Cast Member at Disney Dining and reports, “There is definitely something going on. My ADR opened up a few days ago – we are going for 3 weeks. I have been trying to book 180+10 and have been on the button at release time and it says no tables available. So after 4 days of doing this yesterday, I rang Disney Dining to try and book. I was told it is fully booked out to 27th July. I’ve been trying to book 30th July onwards. The lady on the phone told me they have not released any inventory after 27th July but have not been told why. She said usually this happens for either a refurb or a change in how the restaurant operates. Same again today on the bell at 11am UK time attempting to book for August 2nd for 2 people – no tables available. I guess we will soon find out! Wouldn’t surprise me if they did go to 2 and make it like CRT but cannot see how that would work effectively with current kitchen and current menu.”

Poster, ‘dgagnon519‘ reports that,

“Current reservations are not being affected as of now. They are just not taking any new dinner reservations. I did call back several times to make sure that I got the same information from all representatives. I was able to get a lunch reservation and they said as of now those are not being canceled and that if they were to cancel any current reservations I would get an email letting me know that.”

Poster ‘hllb‘ has a different suspicion and shares, “I would suspect they’d make it all table service rather than move to a signature. I don’t think the kitchen refurb would affect reservations out to July. From reports, it started a couple of weeks ago and is expected to take 3 to 4 months.”

Of course, we’ll be following the rumors very closely and will report on anything new we hear!

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