Disney Rumor Round Up August 2019

Welcome to the August edition of Disney Rumor Round Up for 2019! You can check out the July 2019 installment here. This is a pre-D23 Expo Round Up as we look at what to expect for the anticipated event. Disclaimer: Any rumors mentioned in this article are not confirmed by Disney and may not ever happen.

Magic Kingdom


As in past months, the Magic Kingdom doesn’t have a ton being rumored for it. We still don’t know what the future holds for the former Stitch’s Great Escape attraction space. Past rumors suggested a Wreck-It Ralph themed attraction, but those rumors have died down a bit. Outside of that, the simple facelift of Tomorrowland continues with paint and small updates here and there such as the Tomorrowland sign.

A new glimmer of hope appeared for a nighttime parade at the Magic Kingdom as a rumor popped up on WDWMagic that there are some internal plans being worked on where we could see one for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Details are minimal right now, but hopefully, we will learn more soon enough.



Epcot is where all the marbles are currently. Disney has already mentioned that D23 Expo attendees should expect news about the future of Epcot during the Parks and Resorts panel on Sunday, August 25th. Let’s take a look at what is still being rumored for the large multi-year Epcot revival project. These rumors come from internal sources of my own as well as the WDWMagic forums.

We do not have an official opening date for many of the things already announced at Epcot but we do have some rumored timeframes. Ratatouille is rumored to open in early Spring 2020 in World Showcase. Guardians of the Galaxy is on pace for Spring 2021 in Future World, and then, of course, the Space Restaurant will open later this year. The Epcot entry way work will continue well into next year.

Now, as for unannounced projects we could see announced at the D23 Expo 2019:

  • Brazil as a new pavilion in World Showcase
    • This new pavilion would begin construction later this year and open in 2022 according to rumors.
  • Imagination Pavilion Update
    • This rumor is less likely right now but rumors suggest that Figment would still be part of any upgrade to this pavilion.
  • Innoventions: West will close in September
    • This closure has been confirmed by Disney. That side will be completely demolished and new structures will be built in that area. Starbucks will move to a temporary location while a new one is built.
  • Fountain of Nations to be demolished
    • Disney has confirmed the fountain will close in September and will end up going away for future additions. Some rumors suggest a possible beer garden in this area.
  • Spaceship Earth to go through massive remodel
    • Not confirmed to close as of yet but rumors have been said that the ride itself will see a massive update from entrance to post show and the exit area would be completely redone.
  • Play Pavilion
    • This space was confirmed by Disney but what is inside is still rumored. Many suggest the space will have interactive experiences, meet and greets, and much more.
  • Pin Central
    • Disney has confirmed this space will be demolished and a temporary space will be set up in the Camera Shop under Spaceship Earth. Rumors say a new green space will replace the existing pin store.
  • New films in various attractions
    • Disney has confirmed several new films in various countries and other spaces. No official start dates have been announced but early 2020 has been rumored by several sources.

This is just what is heavily rumored or speculated in regards to D23 announcements. We could get even more or even just a few of these. We will have to wait and see until August 25th.

Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is nearly here! Disney of course has seen some concern with how crowds have been at Disneyland but there is a belief Walt Disney World will do better because it is a different clientele. Cast Member previews have tested various reservations systems for activities inside the land and they have even tested a virtual queue system if Disney goes that route for Hollywood Studios.

Animal Kingdom


A new rumor popped up recently on WDWMagic that Disney is planning another attraction to help spread the crowds at Animal Kingdom. No word on what exactly it would be just yet but I don’t believe it is expected to be a major “E-Ticket” level attraction like Flight of Passage.

Many have also questioned the construction between Pandora and Festival of the Lion King. That new structure is the Animal Kingdom Club 33 venue.

Walt Disney World Resort

It is still expected based on my own internal sources that the Pop Century/Art of Animation and Caribbean Beach to Hollywood Studios Skyliner lines will soft open on or around August 28th before the official opening of the system September 29th.

It is also being speculated we could hear more details on the Star Wars Resort at the D23 Expo as very little has been said since its original announcement. This may not be the only resort we hear about though. Speculation and rumors are rampant now that apparent Incredibles themed test rooms have appeared at the Contemporary. A recent rumor on WDWMagic states that Disney is looking to continue to infuse different characters into the resorts. The example given for this is the Art of Marvel resort coming to Disneyland Paris.



Unfortunately, Disneyland seems to not be getting much attention right now. Between not meeting the crazy crowd expectations for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the rumored entertainment cuts, Disneyland fans may not get a whole lot at the D23 Expo. One thing we might see though is an announcement for a new parade that has been rumored for Disneyland park.

Over at California Adventure, the hope is that we get more details on the Marvel Land that’s under construction and set to open next year. Disney hasn’t said much on what phase 2 of this project will bring.

Other Possible D23 Announcements


We could finally get some more details on the three upcoming Disney Cruise Line ships coming within the next few years. A tweet recently suggested one of the ships could be named Triton and the class would be the Triton Class. Along with that we could see details on the second island destination that Disney is working on Lighthouse Point. A WDWMagic rumor suggests that Disney could also be looking to build an actual resort on this property. Disney Cruise Line has surveyed guests asking how they would feel about a resort on a Disney private island.

Finally, we could see some more details on the upcoming Disneyland Paris expansion project at the Walt Disney Studios park. So far, we know of a Star Wars area, Frozen area, and a new lagoon show.

Many have also speculated about the “Secret Walt Disney Company Announcement” coming August 22nd ahead of the expo start which is on the D23 Expo schedule as being on Stage 28. It is believed this is not a major parks announcement of any sorts, but rather a company-wide initiative or more of a feel-good type thing.

Is there anything else you are hoping to be announced at D23 Expo 2019? For further discussion on all of this and more, visit the Rumors and News board on Disboards.com

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