Can We Talk About How Many Italian Eateries There Are at Walt Disney World?

Since I've only eaten at a small handful of the many Italian dining locations at Walt Disney World, I won't be giving a review on them; I just want to have a little chat about them. I totally love a great Italian meal or an amazing slice of pizza, but I'm going to be honest and say that I'm slightly shocked at how many restaurants there now are at Disney Springs serving up Italian food. There are so many in the theme parks and at the Disney resorts too. Let's list them, shall we? We'll start at Disney Springs since that was what prompted me to start this article. Alright, Pizza Ponte and Blaze are both quick service pizza joints and their pizza styles are different; I might be okay with that. Two choices of pizza in such a big area isn't too bad. But, when you combine those with three additional Italian restaurants (that will likely have some type of flatbread on their menus), it seems kind of over the top to me. As I read the descriptions of what will be served at all the different locations, every bit of it sounds delicious. I can't decide which one to try first and I sure don't want Italian food every night of my Walt Disney World vacation. Then we have all these: Don't get me wrong, I love Italian food and many choices are typically a good thing. I'm just feeling like we're bordering on overkill here. Is it just me? I don't know about you, but I could really go for an amazing Greek restaurant or two. Please share your thoughts in the comments or join the discussion over on our Facebook page. Image Source: Disney

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