From Character to Costume: 20 MNSSHP Group and Solo Costume Ideas

Welcome, foolish mortals. For those of you unaware, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is right around the corner. This means it’s time for all of you ghouls and gals to find a great costume!

Now whether you’re going with your family, friends, or even solo, finding a costume idea can sometimes be a hard decision to make. Just think of all the pictures you’ll be taking! So I decided to reach out to my fellow Disney community and ask them to share some photos of their past Disney Halloween party costumes. To my amazement, I received a tremendous amount of responses, each with different unique costume ideas. Every single submission was equally magical, but with the permission of the photos’ owners, I decided to feature 20 amazing costume ideas to help you be ready for the spookiest event of the year.

20. Rare Pins Anyone?

We all know that one person that LOVES to collect Disney pins. We also know that everyone has that one pin they treasure over the rest. Check out this couple’s take on the classic Disney Pin Trader and his Prized Pin! (35)

19. The Greek Games

I don’t know about you, but this looks like one scary crew I would not want to mess with!


18. An Enchanted Night Out 

Whether you feel like skipping down Main Street singing “Be Our Guest,” or maybe hang about Gaston’s Tavern, costumes from this well-known Disney classic are sure to “light-up” peoples’ night!

37310725_1990372631007896_2922207469440598016_n (8)

17. On a Blustery Day

If you’re lucky, this party may just fall on a “Winds-day”! So gather all your friends and head on over to the Hundred Acre Wood to meet your favorite pals!



16. Race Ya to the Castle!

Race from the parking lot to the castle in record time! I sure hope Magic Kingdom has car insurance. Just remember, no tractor tipping allowed!


15. This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Meeting an Italian Pop Star? Getting to live your dream on the big stage for one night only? No, I’m not talking about Hannah Montana, I’m talking about Lizzie McGuire and her stage partner Isabella! This dynamic duo’s costumes are dedicated to their show stopping performance!


14. May The Force Be With You

Looking to showcase your inner Jedi? Or maybe it’s finally time to let your dark side show? Check out these amazing costumes from a galaxy far far away!


13. The Park’s New Groove 

Looks like Emperor Kuzco decided Florida would be a better place for his vacation home over a hill with a view. But if you decide to take inspiration from this fabulous crowd, make sure you stay away from any llama potions, wrong levers, and PLEASE don’t burn your spinach puffs! (25) (26)

12. Who Let the Dogs Out?

Hey, who let those dogs loose in the park? Better find them before Cruella does! I heard she plans on turning them into coats! (9) (10)

11. Being Part of the Halloween World

Turn your fins into legs and walk on down Main Street for a swimming good time! These girls certainly know how to be part of the Halloween world, let’s just hope that they haven’t made any deals with the Sea Witch! (28) (27)

10. A New Apprentice 

Has anyone seen the sorcerer’s hat? I sure hope an apprentice didn’t take it and enchant the brooms again! Look out for this magical trio with their unique take on the Fantasia classic. (24)

9. Just Add Pixie Dust!

Disney is place where adults can become kids again and no one really has to grow up. It looks like these groups decided to add a little extra Pixie Dust to their vacation and fly away! (13) (11)


8. Where’s Dopey? 

“Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to the parks we go!” These adventuresome mining crews really know how to have a good time. Just make sure you stay away from the candy apples, I hear they’re poisonous! (16)

7. As Mad as a Hatter

Just in time for tea! Make sure you don’t go mad when you see these amazing renditions of this whimsical Disney film. Watch out for any hidden rabbit holes or else you may just lose your head!


6. We Know the Way 

If you’re looking to make quite a shiny appearance, then check out these stunning costumes! They may call to everyone’s liking so much, that you’ll be saying “You’re Welcome” to everyone you pass. (17) (18)

5. Toy Story of Terror

Feel like showing your love for the new Toy Story Land at this terrifying time of year? Well round up your rootin’ tootin’ posse and take a look at these imaginative groups! (20) (19)

4. Become Part of the Magic

Want to show your favorite ride or attraction some good old Disney love? Then get creative like these groups did! (34) (32)

3. Show Your Wicked Side

Halloween just got a whole lot more evil. If I were you, I’d be making a path down Main Street to let these evil bands of villains through. I sure wouldn’t want to get in their way!

37405898_10212333027184246_1526580652881739776_n (22)

2. The Spookiest Of Them All

I think everyone can agree that Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror may be two of the spookiest rides in Disney World. So why not become the 1,000th happy haunt or even a bellhop for the evening? Hopefully the mortals won’t get too spooked by your eerie attire! (30) (29)

1. Light Up the Night!

Take inspiration from this creative duo and make your own fireworks spectacular. Make a booming entrance and show your true love for the Magic Kingdom! (31)

Thank you again to everyone that submitted and allowed me to use their photos! Everyone’s submissions were equally magical and I hope this post gives everyone out there a little Disney inspiration for the upcoming holiday season. Enjoy!


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