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Last-Minute Valentine’s Ideas for your Day at Disney

So you’ve left it till the last minute, again.

It’s okay, we all do it. I’ve got your back. Prepare to impress your other half with three last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas that will seem as though you were planning them for months.

Get that couple photo your friends will envy

This isn’t just about a photo; it’s a mission. If you are a couple in Disney, you might not be making time to find those cute, photographic moments that Disney marketing is made out of. If you have forgotten V-day, surprise your other half with a dedicated attitude to getting that photo. You know, the one that will make all your friends and family swoon with a little bit of jealousy? The one that you can blow up your couple Insta account with later on in the afternoon.

Take your love to pick some matching Mickey hats, ears or any sort of fun attire that suits your personalities, then visit those iconic park spots where Disney photographers can make you feel like there is no one else in sight. On your way out, swing past the shops and surprise your partner with the perfect photo frame of their choice to display this coupling pictorial triumph.

If you prefer the selfie way, take a whole bunch of them in different places around the park. Make sure you can see that difference in locations and don’t forget to change up those expressions because once you get home, you can turn all those selfies into a photo book for your home displaying the epic way you spent V-day living it up in your own unique Disney way. Even though the photo book will come later on, you can tell your squeeze about it now, and it will seem like part of the plan all along.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Make a Picnic Date

If you aren’t able to get a reservation in any of the fancy restaurants nearby, don’t despair. Take an old-school approach and plan a romantic picnic. If you are staying on property, most of the resorts have beautiful, sprawling grounds, perfect to find a beautiful spot under a tree and have a picnic. Use some pool towels as ground cover and then present them with carefully selected delicacies from around the resort, also known as whatever you can scrounge up. Even if you only end up with quick-service sandwiches, a set of Diet Cokes and some Mickey-shaped Rice Krispie treats for dessert, it will either be very thoughtful or hilariously funny. Either way, you have a win on your hands.

Disney Grand Floridian 27

Grab a new collectible

If you have a Disney fan on your hands, chances are there is a collection of something Disney-related in their home. Maybe it’s a new charm for a bracelet or a slightly disturbing grown-up collection of stuffed toy characters. Perhaps the one you’re with is an epic closet pin trader or a Tiki Mug connoisseur. Go on a hunt for the latest must-have in their collection. Whatever it is that makes their Disney freak flag fly, indulge them and make the magic happen. Don’t forget about the recently launched range of purple merchandise that might be just the thing to head off in search of.

That’s why you didn’t get anything and bring it with you, this was the plan all along, right?

Screen Shot 2019 01 18 at 90837 pm

What you don’t want to do, is propose

Disney proposals can be absolutely amazing, but none of those were achieved by the last minute oh-damn moment of waking up to V-day and realizing you are empty-handed. You might feel guilty and desperate if it is something that you know is important to your special someone, but, DO. NOT. PROPOSE.

Proposing is not a substitute for doing something special. If you were already planning on doing so then you may proceed with caution, but anyone else that has not even seriously considered it before now — stop, turn back and come up with something else. Arrange those leftover Mentos from the plane into a heart shape on the bed, offer to go out on the first coffee run, literally anything else you can think of.

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

That’s going to do it for my last minute surprises. And remember, it’s all in the confidence. If you approach your plan with a sense of adventure, a light heart and 100% commitment to pulling off the classic last-second Valentine’s Day win, nothing can stop you.

No go forth and be romantic! If you do decide to spontaneously propose, you are on your own.

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