The Nostalgic Vibes Coming from Main Street, U.S.A. Shops

I don’t know about you guys, but there is something about the Main Street Confectionery that is so glorious to me. Walking up to the candy case and seeing all of those beautiful, handmade treats brings me right back to my childhood days of buying freshly-made saltwater taffy by the shores of either the Oregon coast or Coney Island. Everything from the shop’s signage to the decal on the window is just so whimsical.

I don’t necessarily even need to buy anything while I’m in the shop, but just to walk into what feels like a different world, a more leisurely atmosphere, a bygone era that doesn’t exist anymore in the real world – it creates a feeling inside me that nothing else can.

From the pastel colors to the gorgeous crown molding all around, it’s just swoon-worthy. So far, we have only been given a glimpse of the changes from the lengthy refurbishment which includes a huge wall of colorful M&Ms – hence the partnership with MARS, but I love what I’ve seen so far. Most of all, I’m thrilled that guests will still be able to walk up and watch the candy makers create their lovely sweets and treats!

Is a visit to the Main Street Confectionery a must-do on your Magic Kingdom day?

While we’re chatting about Main Street, U.S.A., you might remember that the Main Street Confectionery was temporarily selling their sweets and treats inside the Main Street Cinema during the refurbishment, but we noticed this morning that something new is getting ready to make its debut in that space! What’s behind that blue curtain?!! Maybe merchandise from the Disney Vault?

Also, can we talk about the fact that the artwork displayed alongside the curtain shows an Orange Bird character? I think we would all collectively lose our minds if we could have a [socially-distanced] character interaction with him! I’m really digging these vintage vibes and am hoping for lots more of it.

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