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What Is the Most Underrated Walt Disney World Attraction?

What is the most underrated Walt Disney World Attraction? 600-startours3 Underrated Attractions Underrated Attractions

I’ve often wondered what Disney fans would say if they needed to choose a favorite attraction that wasn’t one of the big E-ticket rides. Would it be something obscure and under-appreciated that would give me a new appreciation for the rides I have been used to putting on the back burner? I love a new perspective on things from time to time, which leads me to wonder if you would play a game with me this leisurely Saturday.

I want your opinion on the most underappreciated attraction at any Disney park. Any park in any country; what is that one ride that you never hear people raving about but is actually fantastic? I’ll go first to get things started, and you can let me know your thoughts from there.

Star Tours. It’s old, I know, and a bit motion-sickness-inducing, but the attraction is fantastic. Using relatively simple technology in the park for quite a while, this ride draws you into the immersive experience where you feel as though you are shooting through space without even leaving the moving theatre you sat down in. It’s not the best ride by any stretch, but I think it deserves so much more credit than it gets; especially when the updated scenes and movements can be implemented so quickly, which means no months of downtime to endure either.

Now you go!

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