Stem to Stern Wine Tasting

Stem to Stern Wine Tasting:
$12/person Reviewed by John Magi, Webmaster

If a casual, high level overview of wine tasting is what you're looking for, then the Stem to Stern Wine Tasting seminar is definitely for you. This hour-long interactive lesson allows those new to wines the opportunity to experience wine tasting in a non-threatening atmosphere.  For one hour, the Disney Cruise Line's sommelier (trained wine experts) walk you through tasting 5 wines and one sparkling wine or Champaign.  

Thoroughly enjoyable and educational, this class covered many of the techniques and subtleties involved in choosing and appreciating a wine.  The most important lesson learned here - there is no wrong wine.  While many people may be intimidated at the through of choosing the wrong wine to go with dinner, these masters of winery explain that it is always best to drink what you like.  They also stress the idea that everyone's palate and tastes differ - so don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy the wine that tastes best to you.

Presented in Palo, attendees are greeted to intimate table settings with pre-poured wines, water and cheese (to cleanse the palate).  As the course progresses and each sommelier presents a wine, he explains it's origin, history and gives and at least one interesting tid-bit about that wine including some suggested pairings (i.e. what meal(s) that particular wine accompanies best).  He then proceeds to walk everyone through observing the look, feel, smell and taste of the wine.  While some of the folks attending the lesson spoke up to participate in the evaluation of the wine, most were content to just sit-back, listen and learn.

The course ended with a lesson on how Champaign's and sparkling wines are manufactured (perhaps the most fascinating bit of information I walked away with from the class).  We also learned how best to open a bottle of Champaign and, last but not least, how to evaluate it.  

Finally, to top off a thoroughly enjoyable experience, pins were distributed to all attendees as souvenirs.

5 glasses of wine, one glass of Champaign, an hours worth of edutainment and a souvenir pin - what more could you ask for to help you enjoy a day at sea?

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