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Cruise Lines begin "voluntarily" reporting onboard crimes

by Leah Zanolla
Aug 4, 2013

Recently, legislators have been working to pass laws that make it mandatory for cruise lines to disclose crimes that happen on their ships. Rather than waiting for the law to be passed, CLIA cruise lines decided to "voluntarily" release their records. Unfortunately, it appears that they may not be releasing all of the information.

Disney Cruise Line has posted a report on their website. Of note is the fact that Disney does not use the word 'crime' on their page; the page's title is "Voluntary Allegation Disclosure."

The website Cruise Line News reports that the cruise lines may not be completely honest. For example, their site has a list of 11 incidents of people disappearing from Royal Caribbean ships and their subsidiary, Celebrity Cruise Lines, from October 2011 to June 2013. Royal Caribbean only mentions one of these incidents on their recent disclosure.

Senator Rockefeller, who introduced the legislation, stated: "If we're really going to make a difference for consumers, I believe it's going to take legislative action to make sure this industry is required to give customers the information they need and deserve when they're making a decision about taking a cruise."

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