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Disneyland News

Disneyland gauging guest interest in Star Wars land

by Leah Zanolla
Mar 22, 2013

The film website Cinema Blend has posted information today that suggests Disney is trying to find out whether or not visitors would be interested in a "Star Wars" themed land at Disneyland. Parts of the alleged survey, sent to former guests, has made their way around message boards and Twitter. The most telling question asked was, "How interested would you be in visiting a "Star Wars" themed land at the Disneyland Resort?" Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm last year, "Star Wars" fans and Disney fans alike have been speculating and hoping that something like this would happen. However, a survey like this must be taken with a grain of salt, since theme parks send out surveys like this fairly often. It wasn't long ago that Universal asked survey recipients to share their thoughts on theme park areas revolving around "Lord of the Rings" and "Twilight." While any of the above three franchises may indeed make their way to a theme park near you, caution must be exercised: just because they ask, doesn't mean it will come to pass.

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