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Innoventions Overview

Opened: October 1, 1999

Innoventions Plaza is located behind Spaceship Earth and is home to two pavilions, Innoventions East and Innoventions West.

Each center features unique exhibits focusing on scientific and technological innovations. By using imaginative displays that encourage interaction, there's something for all ages to enjoy.

Innoventions is one of those overlooked treasures where you can get a break from the Florida heat and crowds. Kids can work off some energy and learn while playing. There are tons of hands-on activities that they'll love to experience. Give it a chance, you'll be glad that you did. It does get busy on occasion, but that's rare.



Habit Heroes

Habit Heroes is designed to promote healthy lifestyle habits, such as a nutritious diet and staying active. Habit Heroes 2 takes 12 guests at a time through the three rooms of the 16-minute interactive attraction. In the first room, guests become recruits of Director Jin and her agents "Quench, Dynamo and Fuel." The goal is to take out the enemies of dehydration, inactivity and poor nutrition, which show up as cartoon symbols.  Guests must work together through the three rooms using healthy habits, such as good foods, exercise and water to fight back. The exhibit is sponsored by Florida Blue and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Click here for our blog about the original Habit Heroes attractions - with pictures.


Underwriters Labs IncSum of all Thrills
This attraction is presented by Raytheon and allows Guests to design their own thrill ride. The entire family will enjoy this ride. A short video shows the importance of math, science and engineering when designing a thrill ride. Your group is escorted to your personal video display where you have the ability to design your own, it could be a mild bobsled track to a wild jet. You are urged to test your design to see if it is fast enough for the design elements. If you are sensitive to motion sickness you might want to sit this ride out. They provide a locker while you are on the simulator for your cameras, purse, and loose-fitting shoes. If you have a problem with heights be aware that you are on the end of a robot arm about 10 feet off the ground. Finally you are seated in a simulator pod where you get to experience the ride you have created. Each pod holds 2 people. There is a height requirement of 54 inches if you design a ride with any inversions.

Underwriters Labs IncStormStruck - A Tale of Two Homes
Have you ever wanted to experience a hurricane? Did you ever wonder what it was like? You will experience the "perfect storm" at this attraction when they simulate a hurricane. It helps you to understand the weather, storms and their damage and how to prepare for a hurricane or intense storm. While taking a short interactive video quiz you will learn valuable tips on how to protect your house and family in the event of a hurricane or intense storm. You will feel like you are in the middle of the storm with the special effects of wind and water swirling around you. There is a children's play area where they can compete while gathering items to have during a storm. Adults can take a short video quiz where you are tested on your preparedness in the event of a natural disaster. Be aware that the queue and theatre is small so be prepared for a wait during busy times of the year.



Environmentality Corner
Learn what you can do to preserve the environment, children will learn how to make paper and decorate a sample to take home.

Innoventions East Reviews from DIS members:
  • kymickeyfan717 - "It's fun to walk around and see the different attractions and displays. Very educational and fun at the same time"

  • disney_fan1972 - "There isn't a real focus on innovation as you would expect. I love learning about new things and this is just same old stuff that's been around for years. It's alot of empty space"

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This area is temporarily closed. A "new experience" will be coming, but exact details are not yet known.

Where's the Fire? (presented by Liberty Mutual)

This exhibit is a fun game to teach kids about fire safety in the home. Work together in teams to find the fire hazards in a mock home before the fire consumes the home. Take your picture with a 30-foot pumper truck and email it home to your friends and family. A section of this exhibit is designed to teach little ones how to escape a fire and to 'stop, drop and roll'. Earn "Fire Chief" ranking by answering the "Burning Questions."



Think (presented by IBM)
The display is designed to show the impact that individuals and groups working together can have on the planet. IBM is an original sponsor in Innoventions since 1994. This exhibit has two parts. On one side of the walkway you use a video screen to test your knowledge of ways to save the planet. On the other side of the walkway guests create an avatar of themselves and jump, run and dance their way through a video game learning what it takes to create a smarter planet. The kids will love seeing themselves on the video screen. Families can compete against each other to see who has the highest score. This area also has a great area to relax and enjoy the air conditioning.



The Great Piggy Bank Adventure (presented by T. Rowe Price)
T. Rowe Price worked with Disney to create this interactive game to teach families the importance of financial planning. This is a great area to spend some time with your children.  It teaches them about how important planning is with your money. When you enter the area you are asked to decide what your savings goal is. They give you a piggy bank before you are off to your first station.  The Piggy bank actuates several of the station. You take your piggy bank from station to station trying to save enough money to reach your long term goal. You play interactive video games at each station. Keep an eye out for the wolf that will try to take your hard earned money! The last station is where you can weigh your Piggy bank to see if you have earned enough for your goal.  This is a fun area and you will find yourself wanting to play several times.


VIDEOGAME PLAYGROUND – Test out the latest in videogame technology. Compete in a game against your favorite sports teams, duel against villains, or take off on an adventure with your favorite Disney characters.


Innoventions West Reviews from DIS members:
  • miss missy - "I love this area. There are a lot of fun things to do for kids and adults. It can be a nice break from the heat too. Don't fall into the trap that Epcot is not for kids, because this is an example that it is."

  • MarchMadness24 - "This is a great attraction where kids can actually learn on vacation, which is great! Great atmosphere to cool off in."

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